Why You Need To Hire Raoul Rossetti as a Sexual Trainer

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Why You Need To Hire Raoul Rossetti as a Sexual Trainer

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Why You Need To Hire Raoul Rossetti as a Sexual Trainer

Sex has always been a touchy issue, depending on where you’re from. However,  it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to a more accepting public on their stand on Viagra, contraception, and lubricant ads, talking about sex is becoming more accessible. But talking about problems in the bed is still far from being less awkward. Almost every relationship starts with awkward sex. Whether it be a one-night stand or one’s first time with their special someone, there’s bound to be a few ‘issues’ in bed.

Ending Up With Awkward Sex

I have a lot of different clients as a male escort. Admittedly, not all of my clients are that comfortable with me the first time around, and it sometimes leads to some awkward situations. But given enough time together, we eventually find a better-fitting mood with each other. Sex is also a lot about becoming comfortable with one’s body and their partner. But if you want to avoid an awkward first time together, then maybe I can give you a few tips. With my experience and expertise, here are some perks that you will get when hiring me as your sexual trainer.

Avoiding Awkward Encounters

It’s not just first-timers who have a terrible time when it comes to awkward sexual encounters. Even people who are in long term relationships can stumble and ‘forget’ how to connect with their partner. A lot of it boils down to not being able to communicate what position to get into. This results in a lot of somewhat funny encounters in the bed, but to others, it can become a relationship ender. 

In a study surveying 802 participants, comprised of both male and female individuals, awkward encounters in bed have reportedly made over 15 percent of males and 22 percent of them to drop their partners either due to their embarrassment or their partner’s’. Figuring out where your weak points are with regards to endurance, flexibility, and communication is my focus in making you better in bed.

Understanding How Bad Sex Happens

Awkward sexual encounters are rooted in different places. Part of the problem is not accepting that bad sex happens, depending on the circumstance. No one is perfect, and understanding that there’s a problem is the key to fixing it. What people fail to realize is that there are several items to check off your list to hunt down the issues in the bed, and they include:

  • Appropriate lighting
  • Proper lubrication
  • Use of sex toys
  • Listening to position preferences
  • Location and time of the day

Part of my training as a male escort is knowing how to communicate with my clients. Since they come from different backgrounds, they’re often unique and want different things. One client might prefer an adventurous afternoon trekking in the mountains of Manila, while others would prefer having a shopping-filled night in the city of Singapore. Reading your partner is one trick that I can give you pointers both inside and outside the bedroom.

Trusting A Comfortable Coach

Most people turn to porn to get their feel of how sex ‘actually works”. However, the problem in basing one’s sex practices through porn is that they offer some unrealistic expectations. Even ‘amateur’ category material is far from being a ‘first-time’ for the people in the videos, and not being able to execute them might lead to lower self-esteem.

 The essential things you will learn in having me as a sexual trainer is not just about how to deal with the positions. You will learn about what you need to do before, during, and after these positions. 

Pleasing Through Training

One of my advantages as a male escort is that I have a lot of experience. Learning different sex positions can be tricky, especially if you want to try it out for the first time. 

Most people often avoid excitement in their sex life because they’re too nervous about screwing it up. Over 61% of participants, Americans, and Europeans avoided performing sexual positions after an awkward encounter. 

As with any activity, sex takes practice to get better over time. Don’t compare sex through porn on the internet. Don’t even try getting advice from your friends. I’m ready to discuss and guide you every step of the way.

Keeping Sex Comfy And Relaxing

Several studies point to most occurrences of less-than-ideal sexual situations later on in people’s lives. But don’t be afraid of thinking that having bad sex experiences later on in your relationship means that things aren’t working out. Bad sex is imperfect sex, and imperfection can easily be remedied.

One of the best pieces I can give you as a male escort is to treat your partner well. Open communication, together with making it a unique and endearing treatment should be open in any relationship. Treating your partner well shouldn’t be an issue of whether your engagement is casual or romantic. 

The best way to deal with stressful sex is to figure things out together. Sometimes simple changes are all you need. From having an extra pillow for a cushion or adjusting positions slightly before intercourse. Being open with each other allows a sexual experience that both you and your partner can enjoy.

No Reason Not To Have A Helping Hand

Having sex should be fun for everyone involved, and if you ever feel that you’re not putting out enough, then you should be open to contact someone to help you out. I am here to provide for your sexual problems and needs. 

What I can offer as a male escort in being your sexual trainer is the guarantee that to keep things discreet, while making sure that we figure out where your problems are in bed., you’re sure to develop a better sense of being a partner.

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