Why It’s Okay To Be Single At 30

Why It’s Okay To Be Single At 30

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Why It’s Okay To Be Single At 30

The Generational Divide?

Much of the reason why people find it difficult to accept where they are in life is that they’re surrounded by others telling them what to do. These people mostly fit the criteria of being in the ‘Baby Boomers’ generation. They are the ones who worked hard to finish a degree, get a job, and work their way up to owning a house and starting a family. Unfortunately, the same life path isn’t as crystal clear as it was back then.

Fast-Paced At 30

‘Millennials’ are those who were born between 1981 and 1996. With that, the oldest ‘Millennial’ would roughly be in their mid to late 30’s. They would be living a life with a good job and a stable income. However, ‘Millennials,’ being born at a day and age where technology has become part of everyday lives and information has turned the work environment more competitive and fast-paced. 

Being born in this generation, there is no slowing you down in your 30’s. You hustle and grind every day to be the most successful in what you do while balancing other important aspects of your life. However, with this fast-paced lifestyle at a young age, you feel pressured to start settling down and start a family of your own. Although a common norm faced by 30-year-old Millennials, there is no need for you to slow down just yet. 

5 Reasons It’s Okay to be Single in Your 30’s 

More Time to Focus on Your Career

In your 30’s, you’re probably at the peak of your career. You understand the ropes more of the field or industry you are in and have enough experience to get you by. By this time in your life, you have a better sense of who you are, whether in a personal or professional way, compared to when you were in your early 20’s. This means, you are sure of what you want out of life- and being single, you have more time to work on those different career goals. 

More Time with Your Friends and Family

Being single in your 30’s is not a bad thing at all! Without being committed or tied down to one person, you have more time with those already in your life. In your 30’s, you know the kind of people you want to surround yourself with and keep in your life. Having this time, you make it a point to invest in these relationships that are important to you and create a stronger bond. Whether it’s getting to know more about your friends or spending those missed quality time you have with your family, this is truly an advantage you have by being single. 

You Are Open to Date Other People

Being a career-oriented person in your 30’s, sometimes you don’t always have the time for a stable and committed relationship. Casual dates become a norm for you, and that’s okay! Chances are the person you are dating probably is not ready to be committed either. With dating, you broaden your horizons and meet new interesting people.  These people will not only add more color and excitement in your life, but the people you date are people you can learn from as well. 

Your Life, Your Money, Your Responsibilities 

At this point in your life, you are in a more stable job and you earn more money for yourself compared to when you first started. With all this hard-earned money, you have the liberty to spend it on anything and everything you want. You deserve it! Being single, you do not have the pressure to spend it on anyone else. You can treat yourself to a nice car, your own house or apartment, great meals, activities and more. However, you are no longer that young 20-year-old struggling financially and carelessly handling money. As a mature adult, you are also more aware of where you are putting your money and making sure that all that hard work does not go to waste.

Choose You

At 30, you know yourself more and have matured quite a lot from the person you were at 20. With all the reasons mentioned on why it’s okay to be single at this age, this is the most important. Single at 30 means you have more time to get to know yourself more. You realize what your likes and dislikes are at this point in your life. You get to understand your own habits and emotions more than anyone else. Being single at 30, you also get to have time and prioritize yourself.  With a stable career and social life, you get to do more things you want to do outside of it. You get to travel more; you get into fitness, choose a healthier lifestyle and spend time with important people. 

There are a lot of advantages to being single at 30. There is really no rush for you to settle down if you do not want to! Live your life the way you want it to be. With all that, grow to love and understand yourself more, and you never know- when the right one comes, you will know how to love them too. 

Live, Love and Laugh in your 30’s! 

You’re only getting started, so make this adventure unforgettable. Experience it here.

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