Why It’s Better Not To Date On Valentine’s Day

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Why It’s Better Not To Date On Valentine’s Day

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Why It’s Better Not To Date On Valentine’s Day

The holidays are an excellent time to spend time with your loved ones. Besides making it the best opportunity to be with them, it’s also the best chance to flaunt your “couple goal” plans on social media. It’s essential to have these holidays as a time to rest and to celebrate. Still, if you spend more time fighting with other couples for table slots and hotel reservations, then it might be time to reconsider celebrating the holidays at another time.

However, it’s not always the best idea to celebrate holidays the day itself. As a male escort, the best gift to give, no matter what day or holiday, is the gift of time and attention. If you need more convincing, then let me remind you why the holidays are a complicated commotion to deal with.

Valentine’s Day and the Money rush

People are always attracted to find different ways to spend for a celebration. It’s no wonder brands, and companies are using these holidays as the best time to promote and release their products and services.

A lot of companies make the most of the holidays to attract people to purchase and spend. Cafes are changing up the traditional date places of restaurants by trending coffee dates on social media platforms. Starbucks’ #StarbucksDate campaign encourages people to go for coffee dates over the extravagant night outs that people usually do. Besides coffee dates, more and more people realize that it’s better to snuggle in at home instead of going through the valentine’s day commotion.

Here are three reasons why celebrating valentine’s day is better left at home, instead of on a trip.

Everything Is More Expensive 

Gift-giving is an essential aspect of the holiday, whatever it may be. A gift is a reflection of how much you’re willing to provide for the one you love.

On holidays that last only a day, you will see a lot of companies have more expensive products and services on the day itself.  Consider how much a bouquet of roses costs before, during, and after valentine’s day. All these valentine’s day related gifts such as chocolates, flowers, lingerie, and such have a boost in prices because there is a massive demand from customers.

Expensive prices aren’t the only thing that companies have on their hands. Selling limited edition products is also where they get most of their sales. When valentine’s day comes, marketers are always on the move to capitalize on couples, so it’s essential to know in advance if you should be putting your V-day plans aside or to prepare months in advance. 

Travel Reservations are a Pain

Traveling around from place to place is a part of my job as a male escort. With services offered in Manila, Hong Kong, Beijing, and the like. Though I love to travel, I’m not fond of the idea of spending more on flights because of the holidays.

Airline prices fluctuate and are calculated based on a few factors.  If you’re paying close attention to your booking prices in your travels, you’ll notice that discounts and promos are either offered on the critical holiday dates but also ‘dead schedules.’ These ‘dead schedules’ are days when people aren’t likely to book a trip to a specific location. This could be a few weeks before a holiday or after the holiday has ended. 

That’s why most of my more generous clients book me months beforehand so that I may be able to book at a lower price. Customers who also go to Beijing or Singapore on holidays to meet me benefit in booking ahead of time on hotels and airline seats.

The Continuous Spending Cycle

More often than not, a holiday getaway with my clients is a rollercoaster of activities. As with any couple, going on a date with a male escort means that I go from one place to the next. Whether it is a movie in one hour to a shopping district the next. Foursquare’s study showed that Americans back in 2017 spent a projected amount of $18.2 billion in valentine’s alone. 

 This budget estimate consists of candy, flowers, restaurant reservations, and more. The study noted that spending usually starts with couples heading to the movies, then continuing to high-class restaurants. On the other hand, Foursquare’s study on the impact of report only a 23% presence of couple on nightlife spots such as bars and clubs, showing a dip n the interest to go clubbing to make for some alone time in a quieter location.

Quiet Dates Have Their Moments

As a male escort who works in different parts of, I receive a lot of customers who want to schedule their holiday getaways with me. But depending on the holiday, some clients would prefer we stay in a hotel and celebrate it quietly. A holiday date doesn’t always have to be about spending a lot with your special someone. Please take my word for it as someone who’s gone through a lot of dates in my life. You can discover a lot more about each other through a quiet evening over dinner and some drinks, so there’s no shame in going for a smaller celebration instead of going all out.

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