Why a Companion is Better Than a Relationship

Companion Better Than Relationship

Why a Companion is Better Than a Relationship

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The clock’s ticking

When people are reminded of their age, they are often bothered by the number of achievements they’ve made, the salary that they’re making, and most importantly – if they’re seeing anyone at the moment. By now, you’re probably constantly bothered by the nagging of your relatives, or your friends even, with regards to who you’re planning to be with and what your plans are with your current partner. Society has been built around the concept that women need to settle down and find someone for them, while men are pressured in the same sense to find someone who is still around the right age range to be with. The main issue with these imaginary deadlines is that they’re constantly repeated over and over again to our minds that we believe them to be true, that’s why we often rush into relationships when we think that we’re nearing our deadline.

Being past your early twenties might seem like a droning past few years, but you have to understand that everyone progresses through life at their pace, the problem is getting other people to understand that too.

The dating scene today

Besides the consistent pestering of other people, you might be tempted to get into a relationship because of your own needs. Just because we prefer to be alone doesn’t mean we don’t always want the company. The comfort of having a partner is one that most people don’t have a luxury of keeping and leaving behind, especially if your social circles grow smaller and smaller as you grow up.

We realize as we grow older that getting to know new people has become an arduous task. Since we’re no longer sheltered by mutual spaces for meeting like high school, college, or even religious worship, finding connections can be strictly on a business agreement. Seeking someone at the local bar is not the best option especially if you’re hanging out with friends. Thanks to the development of dating apps, people can feel much more connected by having platforms that enable people to match through likes and dislikes. Though there may be criticism in how online meet-ups work, it cannot be denied that people from different backgrounds beyond their social circles get to have the opportunity to expand their connections, and hopefully, find someone that’s fit for them.

Why dating is frowned upon

Besides the notion that dating is connected to hook-up culture, dating is seen as that grey area where relationships either work or flop. The most significant factor affecting the assumptions about casual dating is that it’s commonly believed that dating should always lead to a serious commitment. Though some relationships do start from starting as casual partners, it shouldn’t ever be followed that the person you date is someone that you want to have a long-term commitment with.

After a few years of investing in someone, you might be peer-pressured into choosing him to be your spouse out of sheer convenience. The most painful thing that you could ever do to yourself is settling for less. Selecting the wrong option at the wrong time could lead to disastrous break-ups and an early divorce.

What dating means

Dating isn’t entirely about goofing around and partying with random strangers that you match on Tinder. It’s about exercising your right to take life at your own pace. Finding someone that you enjoy at the moment, or maybe for a few more dates. Dating should be seen as a step beyond your comfort zone without the unneeded baggage of being a lifelong responsibility. Of course, you know that you might eventually need to settle down. But on the other hand, that isn’t the case for everyone.

Some people who have recently just ended a relationship aren’t looking for a rerun of the same show they’ve been in. Others look at being a couple and marriage as something that isn’t for them, and they shouldn’t be shunned for it. Living life the way that you feel comfortable with should always be your priority instead of giving in to other people’s perceptions of what relationships ought to be. If it means focusing on your studies and committing to your career, then why not? If it means enjoying the company of friends more than finding ‘the one’ then so be it.

Why companions?

Having a companion allows you to be free of the restraints of being in a relationship. If you consider yourself as a free spirit who likes to jump around from one partner to the next, that’s a freedom that you can enjoy with this kind of set-up. But if you want to stick to one without ‘sticking to one,’ then that’s possible too.

Companions offer the benefits of having a significant other, without the baggage of committing ‘all the way’ with one. Having someone that you can be comfortable with as close to a friend without wondering if things would progress into a relationship is a huge relief to most who are anxious about commitments. It’s your decision whether or not you go the extra mile, or if you’re comfortable with being just as is, in the presence of someone you enjoy spending time with.

Responsibilities over relationships

The best part about having a companion is that you get to dictate your time. No more arbitrary hours of needing to spend time with someone because it’s your agreed upon social contract. No more dealing with the emotional drama of commitments and petty arguments. Your time is your own without the dangers of affecting your other relationships and responsibilities. Being away from the constraints of a relationship allows you to learn to love yourself healthily.

If you’re looking to establish a career or dealing with keeping your progress afloat, you should not be ashamed of your decision to keep your priorities straight. Staying single and staying productive allows you to keep a solid grasp of your life goals. With your mind on the right path without the buzzing of other people’s perspective on your civil status, you’ll be able to think of committing to a relationship in the future when you’re ready to face that next step.

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