Venus and Mars: Miscommunication in Relationships

Venus and Mars: Miscommunication in Relationships

Venus and Mars: Miscommunication in Relationships 640 427 rrossetti

Venus and Mars: Deciphering Miscommunication in Relationships

Intimate relationships are one of the most intimidating trials that a person will most likely experience in their lifetime. Not only do we have to consider our wants and needs, but that of our partner as well. Even as a male escort, relationships have never been a walk in the park, nor have they been as clear as black and white. It requires focus, commitment, and empathy out of both partners, yet they are challenged by one of the most significant internal threats between them: miscommunication.

Miscommunication: You and Your Partner

Miscommunication is used in relationships to describe the misunderstanding of either or both members of a relationship. It is often profoundly affected by external factors such as the medium, proximity, responsibilities, and relationships with other people such as friends, families, and colleagues. 

Miscommunication occurs based on external factors. Being a male escort, I am knowledgeable about these factors. Both you and your partner could remedy these issues to prevent further miscommunication. 

The Medium and Its Limitations

Nowadays, we rely on instant communication through our devices. However, it often leads people to interpret messages differently. Although there is no etiquette in texting through digital media, this commonly associated with people that a shift in one’s structure of sentences and the use of more formal words is a sign of displeasure. 

Additionally, one’s general emotion of the day and at that moment may affect how the person perceives a text, thereby affecting the message they wish to deliver. Miscommunication often occurs with calling or video-calling when one partner is not able to pay attention to the other, especially with how distracting multitasking is for a person when facing a computer.

Remedying Miscommunication: Medium

When it comes to sending messages, be sure that your partner is aware of how you would usually send your messages. It is often overlooked among couples as it is seen as unnecessary, but when arguments arise, it becomes one of the main blaming points of either men or women. Miscommunication with their partner has been a problem I hear coming from some clients or other male escort’s clients. 

Challenges of Proximity

Couples have managed to get past this obstacle by inviting each other over to personally talk about it after having a brief time off from each other’s company. If it isn’t possible, we would consider video calling as a last resort to discuss what went wrong by listening to each other’s perspectives. Therefore, couples need to use devices at their discretion when it comes to delivering a message and an absolute must to be physical and emotionally present with them whenever there is a topic both of you would like to address.

Concerning the medium, we’d much rather prefer being able to talk to our partners up close whenever there’s something important we would like to talk about with them. Whenever it’s talking to each other, or learn how to find the appropriate time and place to talk about your concerns. 

Another challenge is a mediator. If it’s an issue between you and your partner, do not bring another person in as a middle-man. It will be embarrassing for you and your partner and breaks the trust of valuable intimacy in private affairs.

These often happen whenever one of the partners has no grasp of their own emotions, thereby resulting in further miscommunication and aggravation from one another, which would subsequently lead to an increase in emotional tension between the partners.

Remedying Miscommunication: Proximity

To surpass this challenge, be sure that the location or spot that you will be in will most likely be isolated to allow some privacy. Another alternative is to visit each other. The comfort of one’s home will help in keeping one calm and relaxed. It doesn’t mean that you couldn’t go out in public to settle a matter, but rather encourage each other to practice a healthy and mature process of delivering an idea or concern to one another.

However, if it isn’t possible you to visit each other (such as couples in a long-distance relationship, allot a time for you to talk through video-call where it will only be the both of you talking. Remember to be physically and emotionally present in both situations, as to avoid losing focus on the topic at hand.

Responsibilities and the Issue of Time

Whenever faced with responsibilities, we are distracted by our duties, be it at work or studies. Whenever we are unable to act on the demands of our partners due to the strain in our schedule. They often assumed that we are no longer interested in them. Worse, it is heightened by the length of time we haven’t responded, leading to assumptions that would further degrade our relationship with our partners.

Remedying Miscommunication: Responsibilities

Talking about each other’s responsibilities at the early stages of your relationship will make the most significant impact in managing your time. When it comes to work or study, the demands may affect whenever the two of you can talk or hang out. However, setting the stage early for understanding each other’s schedule and the relevance of your responsibilities will allow you and your partner understand each other more. 

Relationships with Others

It encourages a mature mindset where a couple does not need to be close or always in contact with one another to love each other. Instead, it emphasizes the need to establish and practice a system of trust. With my partner, it took several months to reassure them that my responsibilities will benefit our relationship in the long run, and I’m glad that they were able to stick around to see what I meant: traveling, treats, and the likes. But that’s just us.

One of the most concerning factors is our relationship with other people. You won’t easily recognize whether they are ready to support your relationship with your partner, or if they are against it. It often leads to clashes among friends and family, though rarely does it happen unless the other people outside your relationship disapproves of your relationship or has malicious intent.

Additionally, there are circumstances where rumors among friends or colleagues about you. Some have been victims of miscommunication. It is due to the exaggerated information that has been passed by their circle of friends.

Remedying Miscommunication:  Relationships with Others

Instead of focusing and relying on the perspective of people outside your relationship, why not address the issue together? It is better to understand each other’s perspective first before turning to the source of rumors or disapproval. Practicing this will allow you and your partner to determine whether there’s any truth to what everyone else is saying. It would help you learn more about your partner regarding their stand on the issues that are concerned with your relationship.

In the end, it is in the best interest of both partners in a relationship to understand one another first before seeking out the advice of others, and never compromise the trust that your partner has given. A relationship requires you and your partner to be a team, which relies on trust, honesty, and empathy for one another. As a result, a mature and loving relationship will flourish between you and your partner.

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