The Boyfriend Experience in Singapore

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The Boyfriend Experience in Singapore

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The Boyfriend Experience, have you got a clue what that means? Maybe you’ve heard it mentioned as a passing comment in a conversation or seen it in movies and TV shows like the American adventure comedy “Making History”. But what does the Boyfriend Experience actually entail and help you?

Male Escort in Singapore

Are you tired of never having someone to bring to a social event? Are you missing the intimacy and friendliness of having a boyfriend but your countless tries on Tinder or similar dating apps never seem to bring you your true prince charming? Boys will be boys, but does it always have to be either a one night stand, a fling or that obnoxious, clingy guy who seems to think you’re an item from the first date? Girls are busy bees nowadays, trying to fit in studies, work, gym, and social life. Even sex can be hard enough as it is, but even harder when you’re on the hunt for that perfect fella to call your “BF”.

Let’s start with establishing what the Boyfriend Experience actually is. No commitments, no sex ( unless you want to), simply an ideal boyfriend for an event, a date, or even a night of fun, you name it!

This type of male escorting has risen in popularity over the past years, especially in Singapore where you can find gigolo bars/services and male escorts. There are many male escorts in Singapore that offer a wide range of services, all from one night stands to escort weddings to the popular boyfriend experience.

What are the advantages of putting your dating; and sex life in the hands of a male escort if you live in Singapore or anywhere else, and how will this simplify your life in so many ways?

More Time In Your Life

This is an obvious advantage of hiring a male escort, you get so much more spare time! No more hunting for “mister right” he is at the palm of your hands for whatever you need him. Important event Friday night, no problem, your man is ready when you call. Sexually frustrated on a Monday afternoon, all good, call your male escort for some downtime. Whatever you’re in the mood for or might need he is no more than one text or call away, ready to organize his schedule around yours!

Singapore Male Escort

No need for fights and heartache. What would you say if I told you that you would never have to have a relationship fight in your life ever again? Wow! Really? To add to that, you would never have to spend weeks, even years mending a broken heart. How good is that? By putting your dating life on the shelf and entering a business relationship with a male escort YOU make the rules. No more compromising, never worry about the relationship getting boring, having to have sex or give oral when you are not in the mood or worrying if your man is betraying you. As an independent woman in the city of Singapore, you can take the reigns of your own life and choose how to prioritize your time and energy. Feel lighter and happier, more energetic and easy-going by having time to do what you want, when you want and have a passionate, intimate moment when the time suits you. You have a well-groomed and experienced man, always on the ready to please your needs when you are in the mood.

Kiss No More Frogs

Meeting men by dating or going to a bar in Singapore is hard. You are putting yourself in a vulnerable position, you don’t know who you are going home with, what he might do to you or what STD’s he might have. On a one night stand, or when sleeping with a guy you’ve been dating, for the first time, you have no idea what to expect and if it is bad, you don’t want to see him again. It can be quite hard if you have been seeing each other for a while. With a male escort, you never ever have to worry about this. You can be blunt and not worry about hurting his feelings if you don’t want to meet again, but usually, this is not the issue. You can almost be guaranteed that the sex will be great, I mean, you are meeting a man who is trained for this, his entire job revolves around pleasing women, a true expert.

Mirror Mirror on The Wall

Having a man who is always on the ready, with excellent social skills and a well-groomed exterior, there is never a need to worry about trying to impress. Are you invited to a plus one event at work or a couple’s brunch with a group of acquaintances with no one to bring? You are a busy lady and can’t be expected to have time to date, however, do you want to impress your friends? why not take help from a male escort who smells good, looks good, dresses immaculately and has the social skills of a god! He will make you shine by showing off his confidence and praising you to the skies. Who knows, maybe it could even lead to having your gorgeous man praise you to your colleagues.

So ladies, stop wasting your time, stop compromising your lifestyles to please a man who might be cheating on you behind your back. You are independent, you can live your life the way you like, women are strong and considering that businesswomen are taking over Singapore, why should we not have the same opportunities as men; to take the help of a male escort in Singapore to simplify your life and rock your sex boat?

There are many women seeking the help of male escorts in Singapore, why not try it too!  Become the lady-boss of your love story, there is nothing lost by trying. Giving the popular Boyfriend Experience a try can boost your confidence, allow you so much more time to do the things you enjoy and satisfy your needs whenever and wherever you’d like, dirty or nice.

The princess kissed… the male escort and all her dreams come true. 


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