From a personalized experience to one sweet night, let’s make it happen

Professional gigolo escort for your more intimate, romantic and sensual moments.

An elegant escort to ceremonies, to the theater, to gala dinners, meetings, special events or I can just meet you for an intimate dinner or after-dinner in the spirit of pleasure and sex. I am available for jealousy tactics, proofs of infidelity, first experiences or even as a unique gift, roleplay of invented characters, fake boyfriend, husband, lover, friend etc. Sexual Trainer to relieve your sexual doubts and insecurities.

One night stands for a quick encounter, women’s life coach and mental coach to understand where you are going wrong in how you relate to men, to correct your behavior and to help you reach your psycho-physical wellbeing. Gigolo for couples to add a bit of spice to your sex life.

For you who loves perfection, I will be the man of your dreams.

What can I do for you?

Love Coach

Among the many services you can find on my site, I have decided, also owing to continuous requests from women, to add a new service: love coach – to give you the chance to start loving again. I am often contacted by women who wish to conquer a new love, rekindle an old one. Understand what are the mistakes that make him distance himself, understand with your intuition if a man is really in love with you or he is pretending just to get you into bed; correct those behavioral deficiencies that may distance a man, learn to seduce him with talents that you did not even think you had, etc.

If you recognize yourself in these examples, it may be that you need a love coach, a man who can enhance your shortcomings and turn them into qualities, who can help you overcome a difficult moment you are living or have just lived; a man in whom you can confide implicitly, strip yourself of bad habits that so far have only made your life a living hell. A man to whom you may ask for advice, tell him all the doubts that pervade you but, most and foremost, a love coach that can guide you to improve your interpersonal relations with a man, with friends and within society.

We all have the resources and the potential to seduce someone, all we have to do is to concentrate on the objective. For example, many women have all the physical and mental characteristics for seducing a man, but they are not aware of them. The secret lies in enhancing and amplifying all these best characteristics to reach the desired effect.

Who is Raoul? Your new love consultant

The Love Coach Gigolo or love consultant is a new professional figure present on the web whose aim is to develop all those hidden talents that you do not think or know you have. An expert in interpersonal relations who assists women to improve their romantic and sexual lives. A man who knows men well and can answer all your doubts and give you the best advice on how to behave within a relationship, be it of a sexual or romantic nature, or more centered on an engagement or relationship.

Through my commitment and my advice, you will be able to identify strengths you did not think you had, to correct those flaws that till now you did not consider as such, express in the right manner your natural seduction capacities, acquire new behavioral techniques to make you more mysterious, fascinating and seductive. Thanks to the love coach you can finally turn around your social, romantic and sexual life.

You will be able to reconquer – and this time for good – the partner you have always desired and dreamt of. You will regain that enthusiasm and passion that you thought had been buried forever. You will learn to manage your shyness, your mistakes, your flaws, your emotions and to understand the failures and delusions of past relationships, to better communicate in interpersonal relations or within the couple and most of all to be sexually more appealing, provoking and sophisticated.

Through me you will experience that seduction expresses itself in verbal and non-verbal language made of gestures, looks, silences, actions, sighs, and words. You will become sure of yourself, seductive, intriguing, fascinating, sexy and captivating; you will find the right man and you will conquer him by just being yourself, taking advantage of talents you have always had but have not been able to use to your advantage.

Call me, reach out to your Love Coach, or send me an email at

Sexual encounters

Do you feel like having a sexual encounter? Without complications, without consequences, without involvement? Do you feel the need to express your femininity? Do you just want a man?

For a woman, it is not easy to have this kind of sex, without knowing or being involved with a man. It is one of those things that one cannot ask for and that are labeled with unpleasant and offensive epithets. But even so, women too sometimes just feel the need to make love.

Choose to go out with me, you can have fun without having to answer to anyone. If all you want is an uncomplicated evening of sex, don’t feel ashamed, it is a healthy and normal feeling. It means your hormones are in good shape.

We can meet for a coffee or a quick dinner to get to know each other if you prefer not to meet directly in the hotel room, or if you do not want to be seen because it might be too risky, just tell me where you want to meet and I’ll be there.

A sexual encounter with a gigolo

Be transgressive, do not put a brake on your fantasies. You will be able to savor pure physical pleasure without any risk. You are not just a mother, a wife, a worker…you are first and foremost a woman. Take what is due to you.

Fake boyfriend

Fed up with men harassing you? You can no longer stand the looks of your malicious friends? Your parents are stressing you by urging you to find the right one? You are single, that’s the way you like it and would rather concentrate on study and work? What to do to shut them all up? You need a false boyfriend.

With him, you can promenade through the city center where everybody knows you. You can have intimate candlelight dinners at your favorite restaurant. He can pick you up at work under the eyes of your meddling colleagues… he can escort you to the cinema, to the theatre or to a dinner with your gossipy and nosey friends.

You can show him off at your brother’s wedding to shut up all your relatives. You can introduce him to your parents so they will calm down and you make them happy. You can take him to a work meeting, just so not to look alone.

Fake boyfriend, Fake lover

Raoul is the man for you. The perfect fake boyfriend or fake lover. He will slide effortlessly into his role and will act out the script you have chosen for him. For you, it will be an exciting and different experience and in the blink of an eye you will have surprised all those who harass you.

One Night Stand

A perfect stranger awaits you in a suburban motel. You don’t know him; you barely know his name. You are in the mood for sex, now, but do not want complications. You experience an adrenaline rush just thinking about it. You don’t want men you know, surely they would judge you. Now you can fulfill these fantasies.

You don’t have time? Think about it. Do you go to the gym during the day? Go shopping? Go to the hairdresser? Run errands? What do you usually do at lunchtime? Indulge yourself in this folly. No one will know.

Do you want a quickie? Same as for a man, this is also part of female psychology. Even happily married or engaged women may have this type of thought, there is nothing weird or wrong about it, but many women repress these desires, they are ashamed. Social conventions, a rigid upbringing, and society have always prevented women to feel desire and to listen to their own needs.

Speed Sex Gigolo, a quickie with Raoul

Many women are afraid of these fantasies. What would be the consequences of a few hours of good sex? Being harassed by a man or even worse a man who brags about it to his friends over a beer?

Listen to what you want, rediscover your femininity.  Contact me and I will be your lover for a few hours. Let me hear your voice. It will be good to imagine you. The rest will come. Take the best that life has to give, pleasure for pleasure’s sake is no longer the prerogative of males.

Sexual trainer

Let’s broach a hot topic: How good are you in bed?

How many times after making love with your partner you have had doubts and insecurities: did he like it, did I make him crazy? Can I really give him pleasure?

Is fellatio one of your taboos? Do you know what men like? Do you feel clumsy or would you just wish you were more uninhibited? Do you want to please your man? Are you afraid of making a bad impression with your new boyfriend? Do you want to avoid him seeking pleasure elsewhere? Maybe it is time you did something about it.

Learn the secrets of a man’s pleasure. Trust Raoul. I will be your sex coach.

I will teach you what a man likes. Call me and let’s go out. I will teach you how to take care of your partner the way he likes it.

With me you can train on how to pleasure him, you can do it without embarrassment or fear because I shall guide you all the way without judging you. You will find out what a man really likes, I will tell you all the things you never had the courage to ask.


You can trust me with all your doubts, they will be our secret. You will have no more fears or insecurities and your relationship will greatly benefit from it. You will really astonish him. You may find many books written by my women colleagues who explain what are the tricks that make a man go crazy. But who better than a man in the flesh can discuss these arguments?  Have you ever thought about it?

Do something unexpected and courageous, call Raoul, your personal trainer between the sheets.

Don’t be afraid, call my number. We shall have fun and you will become the lover that any man desire.

Gigolo for couples

Are you secret lovers or a married couple? Do you want to add a bit of spice to your sexual encounters? He might like to watch you making love with another man but you do not feel ready? He is a voyeur who gets excited by watching you every time you are with another man? Indulge him and put your trust in an expert gigolo for couples.  Call me!

Gently and patiently I will lead you towards complete relaxation, perhaps we may start with a get-to-know-each-other dinner, a coffee and then continue with a relaxing, intimate massage all calmly and naturally, with the freedom of continuing or stopping there.  Everything is done in good taste and without any pressure from anyone. Often in the intimacy of a couple – be it clandestine or official – a third person is sought but not someone you know, a friend, a neighbor or even someone met in a chat so as to avoid unpleasant gossips, real dangers or uneasiness.

My presence can be included in multiple situations, starting from those couples who are curious or seek a threesome for the first time or might have a pleasant memory of one.

Raoul Rossetti, Gigolo for Couples

My presence can become part of a role play where I shall become a character ready to satisfy the most hidden fantasies of the couple. I can flirt with her in a play that will end in a threesome or to the satisfaction of the watching partner, who often is the author.  In some cases, I could be the gift of a caring husband to his wife either by their common agreement or as a surprise. At times I can become involved to rekindle an extinguished or near-enough extinguished intimate relationship by creating situations of great excitement and stimulating impact.

For all these situations and many more trust my professionalism and confidentiality, by contacting me for any other special request.  Perhaps you want to organize a surprise for your woman partner, a special evening, fulfill her desire or a common fantasy. I will place her at the center of attention maintaining always the maximum respect. I will enter into the role you have chosen for me and will make you live the emotions you are craving. It will be very intriguing and fascinating.

Whatever situation you wish to create, do not hesitate to contact me, trust an expert professional gigolo for couples, avoid unpleasant surprises with improvised gigolos or men for couples – unknown, virtual or other. This way you will not have inconveniences or disappointments.

Call me today, Raoul the number one escort for couples in Asia.

First sexual experience

Do you have little or no experience at all?

Have you ever in the past approached the pleasures of sex but never felt you could go all the way?

A bad sexual experience when you were not ready has blocked you and now you don’t feel like a real woman or are incapable of pleasuring a man?

Is it difficult to talk about it and time, instead of healing you, is your enemy and makes you feel increasingly insecure?

I can help you.

For a woman in this condition, there is nothing worse than the fear of being judged, perhaps by a new boyfriend. How to tell him that you feel totally inadequate?

What man you can enlist to teach you the secrets of sexual pleasure? How to avoid making a bad impression? You could ask a male friend but are you sure that this would not influence your future relationship negatively and irreparably?

First Sexual Experience Gigolo. Virginity without problems with Raoul

I will take care of you and, gently, I will teach you everything a woman must know about sex. I shall be discreet, patient and all your fears will be safe from anyone who might make fun of you. I will turn you into a woman and you will finally be able to taste one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Trust Raoul, your sex trainer.  Trust the one who cares first of all about your privacy and safety.

Call me and we shall discuss it. Talking will be good for you, it is already the first step.

Losing your virginity

You are a virgin and it is a problem?

What has for a long time been considered a woman’s virtue in some cases may become a problem. Virginity is something women are more and more often feeling ashamed of.

It happens for various reasons that the fateful moment of the first time can be delayed past the period of adolescence and then a woman who has never had a sexual experience feels inadequate, not in step with the times.

In an era where swingers, private clubs, and bondage dominate over of the more varied sexual practices, a woman simply waiting for the right man is no longer fashionable.

Losing your virginity: doing it the first time with Raoul

How are you going to admit to your new boyfriend – perhaps the one you feel is the right one and you like him a lot – that you have never done it? It is not an easy secret to conceal. And what will be his reaction? He might run away feeling crushed by the responsibility of being your first man.

I know that these words represent the thoughts of many women concealing this little but, nonetheless, you are not a lesser woman, you are sweet, romantic, you defend your femininity and values in a time when women resemble increasingly to men. No need to feel ashamed, it was the right choice.

However, if your decision to wait patiently for your first time has now become a problem, if you want to become a woman and delight in life’s pleasures, don’t be afraid or ashamed, step out of your cage.

Call me and tell me your story. Don’t be afraid. Always remember that there is no courage without fear. I know it is not easy for you to discuss this topic with a stranger but I can listen to you and understand you, I can read your feelings and your state of mind, your fears, your worries, your uncertainties without judgments.

Life coach

Are you single by vocation or are you asking yourself what it is that makes men run away from you?

You are a beautiful woman, you are not lacking suitors but – and you cannot explain it – all your relationships are wrecked within a short time. You start to suspect that it must be your fault or you begin to think that all men are bastards.

You spend your evenings talking to your girlfriends who give you all kind of advice, they teach you tactics, strategies, tricks to make your man crazy and that you apply with great diligence and commitment… and yet you do not obtain the desired results?

Are you one of those women who lives attached to her cellular phone waiting for that one message that you will analyze consulting manuals of psychology to find all the hidden meanings that it may conceal?

Life and Mental coach for women with Raoul

In short, you scare men and you do not know how to get out of it. They tell you that you are extremely boring?

It is time to contact Raoul. I shall be your life coach; I will explain to you how things are from a man’s point of view. I will not spare you the most unpleasant criticisms and I will make you confront your mistakes. I will tell you what seduces a man and what men dislike in women. I will try to correct your incorrect attitudes. I will be your love coach and expert in interpersonal relations; I will improve your romantic and sexual life.

You will not be able to fake it with me or use tactics. You will have to be yourself. Listen to someone who has known many women and has listened to their stories. With my work, I have entered many homes, marriages, engagements, and divorces. My experience will pull you out of the quicksand where you have fallen.

Call me, I shall be your women’s life coach and love consultant. We shall have fun, I shall be strict but also ironic… and to test the results of my “cure” you can try to seduce me.

An unusual present

Surprise her with a unique gift.

You are a group of women friends and you want to give someone a unique and unusual present? Your boss is a woman and you want to surprise her with a really unusual gift? Your best friend is feeling low; do you want to give her something really amazing that will bring a smile to her face?

I can be the perfect gift for your friend’s birthday, graduation party, promotion, anniversary, a special occasion or whatever you might have in mind. Enough with the usual trivial presents such as perfumes, handbags, shoes, dresses etc.

Those presents are only objects that might last a season or a little longer then they are consumed, forgotten and consigned to oblivion. With Raoul, you will gift her an emotion, an atmosphere, a fairy tale that she will cherish for a long time and that even after many years she will still remember with a smile.

If you want to give a surprisingly unique present, gift her Raoul.

Give an unusual present. Gift her a gigolo, gift Raoul Rossetti to a friend

Organize an evening at a restaurant, select an intimate, romantic venue. The recipient of your gift will not know anything till her arrival.  You will just give her an address and on her arrival, she will be escorted to her table where I shall join her. It will be an amusing, different evening. A gallant date with a real gentleman of the old school.

I will tell her who I am and that you have chosen me as a gift to her. It will be a different evening, she will be curious about my life and about my profession and nobody will ever have given her a more unusual and beautiful present than this.  She will decide whether our date will end at the restaurant or elsewhere. Whichever way, it will be a unique gift, a memory she will hardly ever forget.

For further information or to plan the gift, or just to know more about it call me and I will be that perfect gift you have been looking for.

Jealousy Techniques

You want to make your partner jealous, show me off on your arm and you will know how much he cares about you.

Sometimes it does not take much to recover a relationship. Your partner neglected you? Does he prefer going out with his friends? Lately, he has been a bit distracted and hardly present? Sex between you feels like a reheated soup? Do you think he is no longer interested in you?  Do you think he might be seeing someone else?

Test his love for you, make him jealous. Raoul can help you understand how much he cares for you. Raoul will reawaken – if it is still there – the interest he has for you. Show him that he is not the only man on earth. Demonstrate to him that you are still a desirable and desired woman. Show him that nothing should be taken for granted and that he could lose you any moment.

Fake lover and  jealousy tactics with Raoul Rossetti

I am available to be a fake lover–fake boyfriend–Jealousy tactics – courtship–performance of invented characters ( fake boyfriend, husband, lover, friend etc.).

Appropriate clothing for any role  (classic, sport). Make your partner jealous with the man of your dreams. According to an important Italian Institute of sexology when a couple is in crisis, the solution is to invent a fake lover.

Some real examples for you:

Be seen on Raoul’s arm during a stroll in the city center, having an aperitif in your favorite bar, at a restaurant dinner. It does not matter if he will not see us together, his friends will inform him. He has left you for another and he shows himself with her all the time to make you suffer? Show him that you have found someone else too and much better than him.

You have been invited to a wedding, baptism, work dinner etc. and your ex is there. You feel embarrassed? Show up with Raoul. Do you work with him? Ask Raoul to pick you up outside your place of work. You are a beautiful woman and must participate in an event but you are afraid of the invasive sexual advances of men. Show up with Raoul and they will all behave.

Do your friends mock you for the lack of men in your life? You cannot stand their mocking looks? Introduce them to Raoul. They will die of envy. You are a lesbian but do not want it known as it might impact negatively on your career? Be seen with Raoul; seeing you with a man will shut them all up and you will have misled them.

Gigolo and private chauffeur

Elegant, discreet, considerate, punctual for your trips.

I will rent a car suitable for traveling to and from airports, stations, holiday places, business travel or pleasure or for long journeys to any destination. I am available also for several days. All this in the maximum comfort where pleasure and relax can make the whole difference.

If you need an escort-chauffeur, car rental with driver for private travel, a car with a chauffeur or simply a pleasant companion to entertain you in your journey, contact me. For any clarification do not hesitate to call me on. I shall be happy to give you all the information required.

Gigolo private chauffeur for travels without borders.

A trip with Raoul Rossetti and private chauffeur can turn into an occasion for leisure and, why not, excitement. Addressing business women who often optimize their time by continuing their activities in maximum confidentiality. Select a personal chauffeur – well presented, fascinating and amusing that in addition to the travel will also take care of you.   Choose Raoul.

Role Playing

Do you want a man who will play a role for you? Substitute another person? A fake boyfriend, lover etc.?

I can be the man you need: your lawyer, your husband, your best friend, your brother, your uncle from far away, your boss, a colleague, your bodyguard, the man you met in a chat room.

You provide me with a script and I will act it out for you.

Sometimes in life, you might need an extra to play the role of another person on a particular or convenient occasion. It is not always easy to find a friend or an acquaintance that will play the role of another or that will play your game without any unpleasant consequence for you.

Maybe over time your friend might spill the beans, reveal your set-up and screw you up. With me you don’t have to worry, your secret is in good hands.

Roleplay of invented characters with Raoul Rossetti

Call me and tell me who you want me to be. I will play the character you have chosen for me and even to you, it will all seem real.

Raoul, your personal actor. Hit me up for more details.

Female sexual dissatisfaction

Let’s talk about your sexual satisfaction or, unfortunately, more often, about your lack of satisfaction. You are not alone with this problem. Many women never experience an orgasm, in fact, it seems that at least 50% of women fake pleasure in bed.

Many just resign themselves and for love or for reasons related to some sort of family tranquility or insecurity and misinformation, they give up thinking it is their problem. Before marrying Aristoteles Onassis, Jackie Kennedy stipulated a prenuptial agreement that, among other things, regulated the frequency of sexual intercourse. Jackie did not her give herself to her husband more than once a month.

It is easy to imagine that sex with Onassis was not pleasant for her. Just think that Moana Pozzi – the undisputed Italian queen of porn – hated sex, felt no pleasure and worked at her profession without much joy. She was an extremely sad and melancholic woman.

Sexual dissatisfaction, G-spot, frigidity and couple problems with Raoul Rossetti

It would be spontaneous to think that sexual dissatisfaction might have been one of the reasons for her unhappiness. For many women having sex with their partner causes them anguish, pain, and frustration. The problem is often the man, not the woman. Men in a hurry, selfish, insensitive are not good lovers. A woman needs time, patience and tact.

In the words of an Italian sexologist to make a woman feel good one must remember the rule of the three Ls: Lentezza, Leggerezza, Lontananza or Slowness, Lightness, and Distance. A woman eroticism is slow, cerebral not to be hurried, it needs light and delicate touches, it needs time and must start from a distance for her to let go.

A hectic life often makes a man forget these fundamental rules and therefore many women don’t feel any pleasure in bed. They do not know what is a G- spot, they imagine an orgasm but they have never had one, they feel wrong, not feminine and they become nervous and sad.

Many young women, who have probably only have had one man, experience this problem but also many women who have been married for years with the man who was their first love and they ask themselves if it is normal not wanting “to do it”. If you too have this kind of problem, call me and we’ll talk about it.

Discover if it is you that have problems in bed or whether it depends on your partner. Don’t give up on life’s pleasures. I am a professional, I will help you to understand better, to know yourself. With me you do not risk anything, you will find the answers to the questions that plague you and resolve your problems. I will show you how to guide your partner to pleasure you, or maybe, thanks to my coaching, you will find the courage to try new partners.

Don’t just stand there. React. Feeling good is your right. Sex must give you pleasure, not pain. Think about it.

Proof of Infidelity

For her

Your husband has lost his head for another woman?

Do you think she is only interested in his money?

Do you think she is a loose woman?

Show him. I will try to seduce her and if she is willing to be seduced you will have the proof to show your husband. And if it is him that you do not trust… contact me, I can help you understand if he is faithful or easily tempted.

For him

Do you think your woman can be easily tempted?

That she might be unfaithful?

Try her. I will court her for you. Find out if it is true love.

Proof of infidelity:  methods to find out infidelity with Raoul

Don’t let doubt take over and condition your life. You need clear answers to put an end to your concerns. Raoul will enter the scene and will transform himself into a true private detective for you. You want concrete proof of infidelity. Could he or she resist the temptation of going out with another? Find out by testing them. “Don’t let doubt wear you down, test him or her”.

Women reborn

It is easy to give pleasure to a woman in the fullness of her femininity – it is child’s play. But there are women who have buried their sexuality. Hurt, humiliated, disappointed they no longer feel like becoming involved. They do not go out, they let themselves go, the current of life and events transports them into oblivion. Busy with their daily chores they have resigned themselves to a sad wait. Don’t feel your life is over, it is never over for a woman, you always bounce back even if nobody believes it, even if you do not want to.

Happiness comes from encounters and human relations; a woman is not whole without a man and being with a man also means sexuality and intimacy.  Now you are even afraid of sleeping with a man, you are afraid of a new involvement, terrified that someone will hurt you again. You are tired, you have given up and while the sky above you comes crashing down you walk among people with your eyes lowered for fear of meeting the eyes of a man.

Women reborn with Raoul Rossetti

I know that you threw yourself body and soul in your last affair, you believed in it and you did everything to please him. You have annihilated yourself. Now you look at yourself in the mirror and you do not even know who you are anymore. top crying. You can get out of it if you want to. Women are strong and tough – much more than men. Do not surrender to your destiny. Sometimes spring comes in winter when you least expect it. There, pleasing a woman like you is difficult. Accepting the challenge is a difficult task.

Listen to those instincts that has always made you go forward. Do something for yourself. If you recognize yourself in my words call me or write to me. Together we can bust through that door that you have closed a long time ago. I am a hunter of souls, let me open that door. I will take care of you and will try to teach you to heal your wounds. You still have much to give to yourself and to a man. Think about it, do something for yourself. A reborn woman is a woman I love the most.

Sexual Assistant

I have been debating with myself and undecided as to whether I should talk about this service. Before I start I want to point out something important. For years I have been involved with this topic. My services are often copied and mimicked by improvised gigolos and this is the reason why I am cautious about discussing this topic too openly.

Here we are talking about women in need; they are fragile and owing to their condition of “need” they can become the easy prey of opportunistic individuals. Therefore, be very cautious before deciding to select your therapist or sexual assistant for women with disabilities.

Raoul Rosset: Sexual assistant, a sexual therapist  for women with disabilities

Having said my piece, let’s talk about this service. There is a category of people often – or we could even say always – forgotten by society when talking about sexuality. These are women with disabilities. A few days ago I heard on a well-known radio show about sex and disability and the presenter that often cited disabled women were not able to provide concrete examples of sexual assistants for women. Effectively, for many, this topic is still strictly taboo.

Female sexual desire is not easily accepted in the bigoted society in which we live. Let alone the desire of women with disabilities. Last summer I went out with the sweetest girl; she was 24 and had been disabled since birth, a prisoner of her wheelchair. She was a virgin and her greatest desire was to feel what it was like to make love. To have sex with a man. She had heard about it from her girlfriends, she had seen it in movies. It was difficult to talk about it to her family. Then this girl found my internet site and after considerable thoughts, she found the courage to contact me. The evening we spent together was very intense.

We clashed immediately and had an animated discussion; she was very defensive. She was the first not to accept her condition and it took considerable time and patience to bring her round and break down her defenses and prejudices. Eventually, We were able to relax and I think it was a great evening and a very exciting experience for both of us. I believe she will have a good memory of her first time and for me, it felt good to be able to make this young woman feel the pleasure of sex.

Sex should be alright for all of us. It is not only women with disabilities who find it difficult to have a satisfactory sex life. A woman who has no sex becomes insecure and unhappy, she denies her femininity and tends to clamp up and become depressed. I have met many married women that for years – yes, I mean “years” – had not had sex with their husbands who were either too distracted by lovers or occasional affairs. These women slowly close themselves into mute resignation and try to forget about sex. A woman who has sex and feels pleasure is happy and satisfied.

A healthy sex life helps to better face life and to reach an optimal psycho-physical balance. Repressed and unsatisfied erotic fantasies create a profound state of frustration and, it is well known, that complete freedom from all tensions can usually be achieved through an orgasm. In an optimal condition these things should be lived with one’s partner but in some cases when the woman feels blocked and feels insecure when she no longer believes in her ability to seduce, or in her own femininity then a sex therapist can help her overcome these difficulties.

If you recognize yourself in what I have written I can help you. Call me so we can talk about your problems and what to do about them.

Do not think you are alone, there is someone who can truly and really help you. Take courage, turn your life around. I am waiting for you.

Wedding Escort

Escort for weddings, baptisms, cocktail parties, state dinners, and other events.

In the past few years the number of singles – both men and women – has increased exponentially. I am single myself and I know well this condition. The real nightmares for the singles are ceremonies and family events. Attending alone is the most nerve-wracking thing you may experience.

Everybody seems bent on finding a soulmate for the unlucky one when instead the single for vocation is not in the least interested. In fact, there is no worse encounter than an encounter awkwardly orchestrated by relatives or well-meaning friends.

How to overcome the problem? Either you refuse all invitations from now to eternity or you find someone who can, for a few hours, be the perfect boyfriend or friend. Raoul is your solution.

Raoul Escort for weddings, baptisms, events and cocktail parties.

I can slide into the role you have picked for me. I have been offering this type of services for many years, I can navigate easily around curious aunts and meddling relatives. Thanks to my extensive experience there is no topic that I cannot broach with the necessary nonchalance. I have done it so often that it is almost second nature.

You will look great and will leave everybody with their mouths hanging open. I shall only have eyes for you and even your envious and gossipy friends will be quiet and look at you in disbelief. Think about it, transform a potentially nightmarish day into an exciting experience.

To know more about this, contact me.

Theater Escort

You are a woman busy with your work and single by choice. Do not give up the pleasure of an evening at a concert or at the theater with a gentleman on your side. Or maybe you have to attend a cocktail party or a gala dinner but you do not want to attend alone?

It is not always easy to organize a night to the theater with friends or to find the right escort for an important event. Everybody is busy, they do not want to organize anything beforehand and there is the risk that they will not turn up at the last moment.

It is easy to say yes months earlier and then find odious excuses a few hours before the event ( I am sick, my son has a fever, the car has broken down…) With Raoul, it’s always with elegance and grace, will accompany you to whatever event from a simple aperitif, to a dinner date or working dinner, to the theater, to the cinema, to a book launch etc.

Escort to theater, concerts and leisure time with Raoul Rossetti

You want to buy tickets on time for your favorite opera but you are not sure if someone will go with you? You want to be sure that you will not go alone to that dinner? Call Raoul, escort for theater, concerts and leisure time. Gift yourself a different kind of evening, let your gentleman pick you up and your evening will be a real success.

Revenge for betrayal

The very moment you read the message you immediately regretted it.  He is being unfaithful. You did not resist the temptation of rummaging through his phone.  He was in the shower and had forgotten his phone by the bedside. You do not have much time and while you listen to the water flowing, like an eager thief you are looking for clues.  And then there it is, that photograph. She is beautiful, flirty, provoking, too perfect… you open and you immediately understand. Their messages exchange is fast and clear. While you read their conversation you feel as if you had been punched in the stomach.

You collapse, you start feeling smaller and smaller and a sense of nausea grabs your throat. You can imagine him while he drives during one of his work trips, maybe he is on the phone with you, certainly, so he feels at ease knowing that you are at home and cannot control him. He needs to feel that you do not suspect anything. You imagine him parking his car under her apartment building, rushing up the stairs, already excited.

Revenge for betrayal with Raoul Rossetti

You imagine all this and you feel sick, You feel a total nothing like a woman, you feel that you can no longer give him pleasure. What a humiliation, he pays a woman to sleep with him and he no longer touches you. You are sick and bottle it all up, you do not want him to know that you have read his messages. You do not want to give him the satisfaction to see you crying.

You try to suffocate your sadness but soon enough you can see that it is turning to rage. You ask yourself what is wrong, you look at yourself in the mirror trying to see your defects. You see yourself as ugly, clumsy and the thought of him with that woman haunts you. Betrayal is a difficult moment for many women. It is the nature of men to seek new emotions, but for a woman, it is difficult to understand what pushes a man to be unfaithful. Especially with an escort. Often the betrayed holds on to her deep anger for months even years and does not react.

They say revenge is a dish better served cold.  don’t you think it is time to do something about it? You want to know what he felt by paying a woman, you want to know what it is like to be unfaithful, you want to beat him at his own game? Go out with me, get it out of your system and savor your revenge.

Call me so you can tell me your story, maybe I can help you to get this bug out of your head. You only have to find the courage.

Think about it!

Find out if it is true love

For her

Your husband has lost his head for another woman?

Do you think she is only interested in his money?

Do you think she is a loose woman?

Show him. I will try to seduce her and if she is willing to be seduced you will have the proof to show your husband. And if it’s him that you do not trust… contact me, I can help you understand if he is faithful or easily tempted.

For him

Do you think your woman can be easily tempted?

That she might be unfaithful?

Try her. I will court her for you. Find out if it is true love.

Private Detective: find out if it is true love with Raoul

Don’t let the doubt take hold of you and condition your life. You need conclusive answers to end your worries. Raoul will personally come on the scene and transform himself into a real detective just for you.

Raoul will enter where no investigator can enter: in the bed. “Don’t let the doubt wear you down. Test him/her”.

Call me if you want to know more.


Escort, as the word means is to accompany and in this case, it is the woman that calls the man. An escort must follow his client in all her movements, on whatever occasion she chooses.

There is much difference between a male and a female escort.

The female version is only expected to provide sex while the male escort must first create an atmosphere, understand the situation to start a special evening with the person he has before him. From an escort, a woman expects a true gentleman, a man that courts her, looks into her eyes and makes her feel like a complete woman. This is something that men tend to neglect these days, owing to society forever in a hurry.

The good escort must give the right amount of time to her femininity, creating preliminaries, not strictly sexual but also of the mind. He will make his woman feel she is the center of attention and be a good listener to fill her sense of loneliness.

This is why a true professional has natural talents.

Male Escort, Raoul Rossetti

What to do to overcome the monotony of everyday

There are beautiful, rich women of high social standing who, as part of their daily routine, include the contact with a gigolo. The most frequent motivation is the monotony and the loneliness of every day’s life. Inevitably they feel the need to transgress and to feel different experiences; for this reason, many women feel gratified by paying a man for just a few hours.

There are also mature women who wish to rediscover the excitement felt in the past; women who have remained alone and famous women.

The right person you can always trust. Raoul loves all his women equally so even the wealthiest and most generous woman will be at the end of the encounter always and only a woman who has decided to pay him to fulfill a dream. His irresistible charm speaks to his success among women escorts. Difficult to remain indifferent to his ability to seduce. A modern Narcissus, he is in love with his image and takes great care of it.

He trains his body till it becomes the temple – the repository of his fragile and sensitive soul.

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