Raoul Rossetti: The Perfect Travel Companion Anywhere You Go

Raoul Rossetti: The Perfect Travel Companion Anywhere You Go

Raoul Rossetti: The Perfect Travel Companion Anywhere You Go 150 150 rrossetti

Raoul Rossetti: The Perfect Travel Companion Anywhere You Go

Traveling to exotic countries is a lot of people’s idea of a perfect holiday. However, plans to go to unfamiliar places don’t always go as planned. A lot of people who plan their trips in traditionally non-English speaking countries often lead to more blunders than adventures, especially if they don’t know their way around the place. One of the best ways to make your way around the country is by hiring a local tour guide, but in my opinion, hiring a professional male escort like me might be an even better bargain.

Making Your Adventure Worthwhile

In my line of business as a male escort, I’ve become familiar with different cultures and have also developed the skill to get my way around a new environment quickly. If you’re looking for adventure, then I might be the man to bring you a whole new meaning to your traveling experience. Here are just a few paths that I can bring to your out-of-country trip across countries.

Exploring Sandy Beaches

A lot of tropical countries around Asia have mesmerizing beaches that are similar to the pearl white beaches of Singapore’s Sentosa Island. While other locations such as the Philippines’ Taal Volcano will lead you to ashen beaches that are unique to the island situated at the bottom of the world’s smallest active volcano. Their charcoal-black sand of Taal is enough to entice you. However, there are various activities there, too, such as horseback riding to the top of the volcano. Choosing the type of beach you want to attend is an experience that dramatically differs depending on what country you pick. Whether you’re in it to get a new tan while having a few drinks on the bay or exploring nature’s peculiar wonders, I am here to take you to a whole new world of experiences with no hassle or worries.

Traveling Through Historical Landmarks

Every country has its particular remnants of history. The best part about flying in and around Asia is that the cultures are unique but connected. The Philippines has Intramuros, historically known as the country’s center and capital, where it stands through the test of time with its Spanish architecture in every corner. Similar to Manila, Bangkok’s Old Town filled with souvenirs from the past, such as the Kuan An Keng shrine located near the riverbank. 

Historical landmarks aren’t always a set of refurbished structures. Kuala Lumpur’s Grand City Tour lets you get an overview of the city life while at the same time guiding you through a path leading to the National Museum down to the National Mosque. Tourism has improved and updated these landmark infrastructures so that they may be preserved and enjoyed by future generations.

Shopping From Day Til Night

No holiday is complete without taking the time to buy souvenirs for your trip. Whether you’re looking for thrift shops in Manila’s Divisoria or going for a luxury shopping spree in Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui, I am the perfect travel guide for your buying needs.

Most shopping centers are rooted in their original form of being trade centers in the past. Singapore’s Clarke Quay is both a historical monument and a shopping district. Clarke Quay is where merchants and traders along the Orchard Road make it a valuable pitstop for tourists looking to score some goods. But not all shopping districts take decades of development to achieve its shopping status.

 Macau, best known for its gambling industry, is one of the top countries to do your shopping. After all, where else will you spend all your winnings? Built-in just under five years, the Fisherman’s Wharf covering over 110 000 square meters with various themed ‘towns’ such as Cape Town and  New Orleans, there’s a shop to fill every person’s shopping needs. Besides Macau’s prominence for having the best casino experience around the world, Fisherman’s Wharf’s 150 stores are sure to be the one-stop-shop for any shopaholic.

Zigzagging my way to bring clients to different shopping districts is something I’ve become accustomed to as a male escort. If you’re looking to find your way around the best deals in Asia, then I’m the man for you!

Dining In The Streets To Restaurants 

Asia doesn’t just bring beautiful treats to the eyes, but also many different ways to satisfy one’s stomach. One of the many perks of being a country-hopping male escort is that the job always lets me try out different cuisines. 

A luxury dinner at the Kuala Lumpur tower is a surefire way to end your long trip around the city. Atmosphere 360 is a fine dining restaurant that’s over 270 meters above ground, which towers over the Kuala Lumpur skyline complete with an astonishing viewing deck along with an excellent assortment of dishes from traditional to international buffet options.

If you’re looking for a more traditional dining experience, Macau’s Taipa Village brings new meaning to the term ‘taking a trip to the past. The small village’s narrow streets and market instantly bring you back to a safe place in history where Macanese food is offered all while being littered with establishments such as the Macau Jockey club, which brings the essence of the gambling central into focus.

But if looking through the past or enjoying the modern luxuries of life isn’t up to your appetite, then Ho Chi Minh’s diverse culinary dishes might be the place for you. My visits to Ho Chi Minh always bring me back to Dong Khoi street, where the mix of colonial buildings and makeshift boutiques make for a unique dining experience from fusions of Japanese to Italian to traditionally Saigon cuisine. After taking a stroll around the Opera House and the Notre Dame Cathedral, I usually take my pick on which restaurant to dine it just along the road.

Finding Adventure Everywhere We Go

Whether it’s temple-hopping through Angkor Wat or bar-hopping in Makati, I’m ready to be the best travel companion for you on your goal to find adventure in any and every country. I’m prepared to make sure that your first trip or your return visit to a new country becomes a memorable experience that’s free from the common issues of traveling abroad. If it’s an adventure you’re after, I’m confident to offer that and more.

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