Perfect Meetup Destinations in Singapore

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Perfect Meetup Destinations in Singapore

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Travel destinations around the world range from the desert to the mountains, but one special location has both the allure of nature and the excitement of the city packed in one. From beautiful bays and rivers to the grandiose malls and hotels to the rich culinary buffet that you’ll take your taste buds to, Singapore is a home of all things exotic and exciting that’s sure to give you once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

But if you’re not there as a tourist, the sights won’t be enough of a selling point to you especially if you’re planning to stay in the long term alone.

Life as an expat in Singapore

Moving away from home and moving to a new country can be a challenging task for most people. If you’re someone who’s enjoyed the company of old friends or if you easily get affected by homesickness, then moving far from home can be the most difficult task that you could ever imagine.

Singapore is a fairly small country, as you can easily ride their railroad transit to go from one end of the country to the other in a day. But don’t let its compact nature fool you, Singapore is much like the ‘New York’ of Asia as it’s a collection of different cultures from Malay, Chinese, and other heritages in terms of its history and its inhabitants. To cater to the mixed races, they offer a unique blend of dishes that mixes Asian dishes together with some Western influences to add to their menu.

Besides the food, you’ll recognize that people are strict and disciplined with regards to the law, so it’s one of the safest places to be if ever you’re choosing to stay permanently. However, you should watch out for housing prices as rent is fairly expensive as Singapore has one of the highest living costs in Asia. A lease usually spans for over two years so it’s essential that you decide on bringing in a huge initial deposit and be decided on where you want to stay.

Expat communities are also common in Singapore as job opportunities in the business district are far and wide as long as you have a compelling resume.

Dealing with social anxiety

Homesickness is usually the result of limiting yourself in interaction in terms of social isolation. A lot of expats experience depression and social anxiety when they don’t feel welcome in the country that they’re in. If they’re unable to face their fears, they would likely turn into recluses that go from their work back to their homes in routine.

For this special reason, male escorts in Singapore make for an excellent companion for expats to hire. Not only will they be able to give you an insight on where you’re heading and how to get there, you’ll also have someone to manage your fear of being alone in a group. Think of them as an attractive and charismatic tour guide to help you settle down in your new life in Singapore.

What is Meetup?

Meetup is the Facebook for specialized communities. Instead of relying solely on interaction across the internet, Meetup is simply a bulletin board and calendar for communities to recruit and post their events online for people to find and join their specific groups. Each group has its own quirk ranging from sports, to hiking groups, to programming enthusiasts.  Here are just some of the groups you can look forward to joining:

  1. Sports groups

Sports is always an excellent way to find a new group to be in. Since it really doesn’t require any previous experience or long conversations, it’s the one of the perfect solutions to settling down and finding peers in an unfamiliar land. The best part is that there’s hardly any language barrier as the rules with any sports stays relatively the same anywhere which makes it the best option for making friends  with sports enthusiasts. Toa Payoh Sports Hall is a usual spot for a number of sports meetup communities including Badminton groups.

  • Training groups

Certain groups aren’t just for going to popular places, some of them are also for training and keeping fit. Bootcamp training groups exist around the botanical garden which allows you to meet some new friends along the way while having some blood pumping up the right way through exercise. Once you’re done with their training, you’ll be inclined to visit the Botanical Gardens for a short visit.

  • Tabletop gaming groups

If you’re not someone who’s excited at the thought of going out and getting sweaty, then you might want to join an indoor group instead. A lot of indoor meetups occur in the Woodlands Galaxy Community Club including board game enthusiasts.

What better way to get to know people by playing a few rounds of boardgames? Both game designers and players meetup by trying out their latest creations while offering them to people who are inclined to learn and play from a few matches.  Once you’ve played a few rounds, you’re sure to be able to make a friend(or even a competitive rival) in one of your meetups.

  • Expat groups

There’s always a place to go to if you want to look for something close to home. Expat groups are by far the easiest meetup groups to join as all you’ll ever really nee to be a part of them is not be a local. Take your homesickness out for a beer or two by chatting up with people from the same country or fellow outsiders in Singapore. Spend a night out with some fellow expats through bars such as the Aria Rooftop bar at the Scarlet Hotel. Through these meetups, you’ll be in the presence of familiar faces while enjoying a night of making new friends and saying goodbye to being sober.

Being alone doesn’t have to be lonely

Being an expat isn’t all bad. Staying in an incredibly different environment from one that you were used to from birth can give you a chance at a number of opportunities. You can reinvent yourself by starting with a clean slate. You can practically be anybody. The freedom that you have and the adventurous things you’ll find and discover will be unique and interesting to adapt to.

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