Manila: Ultimate Couple Bucket List

Manila: Ultimate Couple Bucket List

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Manila: Ultimate Couple Bucketlist

The Philippines has an extraordinary spot in South East Asia. It has dozens of islands and beaches that are unique in their own right, not to mention its rich culture and city life that is a must for any travel seeker. 

A couple bucket list with your partner usually involves both relaxation and adventure. Making the most out of one location requires proper understanding and research on the different tourist and local spots in the city. Thankfully enough, Manila never runs out of engaging activities to try out with someone special.

Adventure in every Street Corner and Island Bay

With its lush beaches and mountain ranges, finding adventure in Manila can be a pleasant experience for anyone. Here are six must-have activities to include to your couple bucket list.

Food Tripping Around Maginhawa

What would a trip to Manila be if you don’t try out the dishes that they have to offer? The Philippines is well known for its hospitality, and part of the Filipinos welcoming routine is providing food for its visitors. You’ll never have to deal with running out of options on where to eat once you’ve visited Maginhawa street. A few years back, a lot of dining establishments invested their efforts to set up several food parks around the metro. One of the most prolific sites to host a wide variety of local restaurants in Maginhawa street. From ramen stands to Fil-Mex fusion food carts, almost anything that your mind can taste can is here.

Besides its broad selection of food parks, several independent establishments have popped up over the years, which makes it a different experience every time. Whether you’re looking to browse around a lot of new and exciting dining options or established restaurants, Maginhawa has a seat reserved for you.

Time Travelling Through Intramuros

Intramuros used to be the business center of trade and commerce in the Philippines back in the day. Take a stroll down the refurbished buildings of the past by visiting the Manila Cathedral or the St. Augustin Church, which are both cultural and historical landmarks in the Philippines.

Are you looking to take a bite out of the past? Try dining in one of Intramuros’ star restaurant, Ilustrado, where they serve local dishes rich in history and flavor. Intramuros is also relatively close to Binondo, where many local Chinese establishments reside. Binondo is known for being the oldest Chinatown in the world, which shows how far the influence of Chinese food with Philippine cuisine is by staying close within the capital of Manila over the years. 

Bar Hopping in Makati

Makati is the business district, and for a country that loves to combine working hard and playing hard, bar hopping is one of the most common activities here!

I have a few favorite spots here that I’ve been to as a male escort before. Tapella in Legazpi Village is perfect for those looking to have a sangria in one hand and a fork to try out some Spanish dishes on the other. Another stellar pick for those looking for a high-class motif is the Prohibition Liquor Lounge found at Greenbelt, where their one-of-a-kind interior is reminiscent of underground parties in the 1920s.

Strawberry Picking in Baguio

Once you’re tired of the busy streets of the city, you might want to take a relaxing trip to the countryside. Baguio is a popular destination for vacation-goers and couples on their bucket list adventure. With the stark difference in temperature compared to the city’s humid heat, it’s no wonder why foreigners and locals alike flock to the mountains to visit this well-known tourist destination.

With its densely populated forests full of pine trees, you can find eco-parks and fine dining restaurants all around. Try to get a reservation at The Manor where you’ll be near Camp John Hay. Here, you can go to various trekking routes either on foot, on a bike, or even on horseback! One of my favorite meals to try out as a male escort visiting the place is anything with their iconic strawberries. As Baguio’s best-selling product, its fresh red fruits cultivated in natural conditions. It’s a sweetness that you can taste just from seeing its plump redness! You can either opt for commercial ones from the store or try your luck in picking strawberries on your own.

Volcano Trekking in Tagaytay

The unique and once in a lifetime chance to trek around the world’s smallest active volcano is one of the Philippines’ star tourist attractions.  The creation of the volcano within a lake within another volcano makes this an excellent tourist destination.

Travel agencies can pick you up straight at the heart of Manila to Tagaytay to lead you to Taal Lake. A boat ride to Taal Volcano will lead you to its bay in under thirty minutes. The sleeping volcano has a unique black-charcoal beach that is a one-of-a-kind experience. If you’re more comfortable in taking a look at it from afar, you can book your lodging from several overlooking hotels that offer different quirks. 

Cave Diving in El Nido

El Nido is famous for its sandy white beaches, but there’s also another reason why it’s a go-to for tourists. As a male escort, visiting Manila has me experiencing a lot of firsts. With so many things to do in the Philippines, I have to be open to the different types of activities, from night shopping to cave diving. 

With numerous coves and diving spots to see the rich and vibrant ecosystems underwater. Helicopter Island has one of the more diverse collections of reef systems, which has different types of wildlife from colorful corals, eels, rays, and sea turtles, depending on the season!

Couple bucket lists are essential activities that serve as milestones for every relationship. That’s why setting up your bucket list requires research and preparation when you’re taking off a few items on your list when heading to a new country. It’s important to know what adventures you can try out so that you can plan them accordingly. 

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