Life of a Male Escort

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Life of a Male Escort

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“When a woman is in need, I’m a friend indeed.. or more than that.”

We all have our own ways to make a living for our future, whether it’s for ourselves or for a family we are planning on growing. In the modern day, some people hope to be the next president of the country or a Chief Executive Officer of a large company, some even yearn to become one of the best doctors or the best lawyers out there but sometimes, life has a funny way of turning things around for you. Never did anybody think that there would be a community of male escorts turning the desires and needs of women into reality, and making money out of it is just a plus! It’s such a pleasurable job that some men can only dream of it.

“It all starts with being fond of women and gaining a certain kind of connection with them. Think of it as a situation wherein you find yourself being stressed at work or having problems at home, some usually turn to a bottle of scotch or two, some rely on drugs but in my case, these women turn to me for comfort. It’s also quite fulfilling to know that you can take away someone’s worries and pain even just for a few hours,” says the male escort.

Come to think of it, the life of a male escort is quite an adventure when it comes to meeting a variety of interesting people – big names in different industries, tourists, businesswomen, women of different races and religions, you name it! It’s always a pleasure for them and some say, meeting all these women from all walks of life and learning about their background and culture is actually the best part of being a male escort. It’s almost like traveling the world without setting foot in their countries.

“These women range from professional, wealthy women to your classic average next-door neighbor. I make them feel that I’m the best companion they can ever have because I make them feel special. My only condition from them is that they should respect me as an individual and as much as possible, there should also be a good chemistry between my client and I. Imagine how awkward our sessions would be if we didn’t establish a certain kind of connection. We must be suitable for each other,” says the male escort.

There are tons of reasons why women go for male escorts. It’s not only limited to the fact that they can’t get love and sex elsewhere. Women go through many different situations – just got out of a relationship but not entirely ready to welcome a new man in the picture especially when kids are involved; women who are ignored by their husbands and deprives them of love and sex; or women who are career-oriented but are also longing to escape the busy hours of the day. A male escort just seems to be the best fit for the situation and an instant fun companion when a woman feels the need for it.

There are also kinds of women who simply want to practice how to be a good conversationalist or a good kisser or how to be likeable from a man’s point-of-view. There are women who are basically working to impress their potential partner once they finally have the chance to be with them. We also can’t deny the fact that for some women, it’s really therapeutic, fun and sometimes addictive to work with male escorts.

“It can’t just be anyone. It has to be someone who can fully commit to it, someone who has their beliefs and values on companionship set on the job itself because not everyone has the same opinions on a job like this, people often stereotype us and don’t fully understand our own reasons. It will be hard to stop especially when you are finally used to the feeling of being someone’s instant comfort and joy. For me, I enjoy it so much that sometimes, it doesn’t feel like the money I get out of it matters,” says the male escort.

A male escort’s job can be risky at times because they also consider emotions and feelings. With every successful and pleasurable job also comes with disadvantages and one of them is to stop themselves from falling in love. Considering the level of intimacy in the actions done during the sessions, it’s inevitable to develop a deep connection with someone and desire to have a committed relationship, but that will only make things complicated for both the male escorts and the client.

“As my own boss, I set my own rules and limits referring to the activities. I normally spend around 2 – 6 hours with my clients and in those sessions, you really can’t avoid gaining a deep connection with them but as much as possible, I refrain from dating my clients to make things less complicated for both of us. I treat all of our private moments as mainly work and I make sure all of my clients also understand that. Although yes, I’m still open to dating women but it would definitely be hard to find someone who will be open-minded about what I do and someone who can really trust how I separate work from personal affairs.”

One of the hardest things in life is letting people go especially when you’ve become closer to them but for male escorts, it’s simply a part of their job. If it becomes a little bit hard for the client to juggle the emotions and the fun, then there’s the need to let go. It’s one thing to make someone fall in love with you but it’s a whole other thing to avoid feelings and emotions when you feel that it’s bound to turn into something deeper. Quite a risk, one must say!

On another note, male escorts tend to be considered only as stops along life’s journey to the real destination but oftentimes it’s more than just that. Although it can be financially rewarding for them, it’s also about learning to enjoy someone’s company and helping women learn and discover more things about themselves. There’s a sense of need coming from the emotions of women and male escorts are just there to fill the gap.

The topic of male escorts may come off as a controversial topic to some people who belong to countries that are more conservative but while it holds true that we should respect our bodies as individuals, it also holds true that it shouldn’t be anyone’s business when it comes to what we do with our bodies. Oftentimes male escorts are just trying to give comfort and joy to women in need of it, whatever it may be, although just a little bit different from what’s normally thought of.

Do what you love and love what you do, as they say.

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