Life Lessons When Traveling Alone

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Life Lessons When Traveling Alone

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Life Lessons When Traveling Alone

Traveling is an enjoyable activity for anyone. Not everyone might share the same sentiments with regards to the hassle of booking, boarding, and going through the process of a long trip. However, everyone has had that feeling of adventure in them to visit the unknown and to see new sights. One of the many unique experiences that my job offers is the opportunity to meet new people every day.

As a male escort that travels around Singapore, Hongkong, and Shanghai, I’ve had multiple chances to meet different types of people besides my clients. They range from the local store owners to the tour guides of various vacation and holiday spots. In my travels, I keep track of the things I’ve learned along the way so that others may learn from them too. Here are seven life lessons you’ll learn when traveling alone.

You Learn Who You Are

Not to sound too spiritual, but traveling on my own is different compared to living on my own. Though it may appear to be similar, the things that I have to prepare for are varied. Traveling alone lets you find a sense of adventure that isn’t restrained by your companions. It reveals a lot about yourself, such as if you’re more of a silent observer of the things around you, or if you’re like a more active person among strangers. Being able to see this side of yourself that isn’t tied with anyone puts things in perspective on what kind of person you are and what you could be.

You Learn To Make Friends On Your Own

One of the many things that I enjoy working in different places is that I get to make many friends in different countries. Traveling alone isn’t that lonely when you know that there’s always the potential to meet a new friend along the way, or the chance to meet up again with an old friend you’ve met along the way. 

Whether it be fellow travelers who are on the same route as you are or an interesting character you’ve met, being alone makes it easier to make friends. 

You Learn To Respect Differences

As a male escort in Singapore, I face seeing a lot of different perspectives. Singapore is home to various elements of culture common throughout Asia. Since I’ve been to different countries, I have a general idea of how each country shares what it has with another. Though I’ve grown familiar with these places, I still recognize that I am a tourist passing by their home, tasting their cuisine, and enjoying their company.

Traveling alone has broadened my perspectives through different cultures from the way they greet each other, to the way they dress, and the way they cook their meals. These differences might be alienating at first. Still, once you’ve traveled to enough places, you’ll realize that being kind and respectful to one another is a practice that goes a long way.

Prioritize What’s Important

Traveling alone puts a lot of things in perspective. Being responsible for your itinerary shows what you prioritize. Whether it be the sights that you plan to visit, to the amount of time spent taking pictures or getting to know travelers along the way. Being on the move makes you realize how easy it easy to move from past experiences or how strong bonds are over long distances. Knowing what your priority is gives you a clearer perspective on which relationships you should put your effort into.

What does his mean in terms of practicality? Well, you realize that having too much is a bother. Sticking to packing only the essentials is essential for my career as I have to get used to going from one place to the next. Packing only the essentials makes me picky with what I pack. It has made it easier for me to go from place to site without the burden of both physical and symbolic baggage.

You Learn To Make Time For Yourself

I’ve met several people in my travels, and most of my clients are those that are dedicating time to make time for themselves. The benefit of hiring me, a male escort, to accompany them is that they won’t have to worry about me or be responsible for my well-being. It’s like having a travel companion that has an itinerary. Still,  keeping you company while in this short time together.

You Open Yourself to New Experiences

Finding myself in different environments from being a male escort in different countries has made me exposed to try out various activities. From shopping, the traditional market of Lau Pa Sat to snorkeling and camping in Sisters’ Islands. I’ve given many excellent opportunities to try out different activities with my clients. Some of them are very much interested in trying out new activities, while others are more comfortable trying things out within their comfort zones.

In traveling alone, you have the option of building your itinerary on the things you aren’t comfortable doing. Without having to double-check on anyone else on the trip; This could lead to some very bizarre and out-of-the-box adventures. However, you can also try out all the things that you’ve always planned on doing.

Being Alone Doesn’t Have to be Lonely

People often have this idea that being alone is synonymous with being lonely. Some people think that activities such as eating in a restaurant alone or watching a movie on their own are solitary activities. I, on the other hand, believe they are empowering and reflective of being content with spending time with themselves. Being confident in being alone lets me be the best of who I am.

Traveling has taught me many things. From my job being an escort in various places like Singapore and Cambodia, I’ve learned how to appreciate a sense of comfort with being alone. Being independent of my actions has made it easier for me to be true to myself and to show that truth to the people that I interact with daily.

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