I’m an Expat and I Need a Date in Shanghai

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I’m an Expat and I Need a Date in Shanghai

I’m an Expat and I Need a Date in Shanghai 1152 648 rrossetti

Dating has taken a strange turn in today’s time as the modernity of technological advancements has boosted the popularity of dating apps. Dating websites back in the early 90s often had poor interfaces and were prone to catfishes and trolls. But now, it seems likes dating is evolving just as much as technology is to provide an efficient and effective method of finding a partner in today’s competitive era. Whether you’re feeling a little envious of your non-single co-workers or you’ve finally decided to settle down and raise a home in Shanghai, then this list is a necessity for you.

Being an expat in China

One of the biggest struggles I had to face as an expat is knowing that I’ll be facing a whole new world to discover. It’s nothing like moving to a different city back home, here it’s much more challenging to know if you’re doing well or doing poorly. One of the many things that I realized too late was that I had to have a VPN or Virtual Private Network to get through blocked sites in China. It includes a whole list off things that I need to survive while abroad including Facebook, Google, and even my Netflix access.

Shanghai, a city of opportunities

Besides the shift from West to East, there’s a lot that I found strangely admirable about Shanghai. The metro is one of the most efficient commuting systems I’ve ever tried, but it can get just as suffocating, or even twice as much so, during rush hour. Considering China’s population, it’s no surprise that a rush hour here feels more like a coordinated stampede.

Fortunately for me, there are plenty of things to do in Shanghai to pass by my idle time, from cafes to try and bars to drink in. But there’s always that looming sense of loneliness that you eventually have to face in being alone in a new place.

Finding a date in Shanghai

Homesickness tends to settle in a little over a few weeks. Though in my case, there were plenty of international restaurants to make me feel slightly at home together with the handful of co-workers that I managed to get to know and befriend, it just didn’t work the same for me. Surprisingly enough, finding a date in Shanghai is easier than it sounds as there are multiple ways to find a companion for your night out.

  • Tinder and Tantan

The network restrictions in China might open opportunities for you to use Tantan, which is practically China’s version of it. Chinese people have used this app for hookups and are often the go-to choice for finding a date. However, you can make use of a VPN to access Tinder even in Shanghai. The ones who use the app in the city are mostly expats as well as Chinese locals who have studied or worked abroad. You might find it a little more challenging to get a date through Tinder rather than trying your luck with Tantan, but if you’re looking for a taste of something closer to home then Tinder might be the right fit for you.

  •  Hiring a matchmaker

If you want something more traditional, then you might want to try hiring a ‘love hunter. Coming from the ancient tradition of matchmakers in China, they are considered as modern counterparts. They usually work for company heads that are looking for viable spouses that are compatible with them not just in terms of attraction but also in terms of logistical preferences. I guess you can’t blame them about not having time to find a date when they have their career in mind. These wealthy men and women contact love hunters to find the ‘most compatible’ spouse for them to ensure that they limit the need to go on date after date after to find the one.

  • Hiring a male escort

Why bother finding someone to do the job for you when you can cut the middle man? The male escort industry has had an alarming spike over the past decade with countries like China, Thailand, and Singapore have the most increase in popularity. The reasons for the spike point to the problems of dating and the difference in the meaning of finding a partner in today’s time. It may be because the local choices are getting dull. International escorts can often be contacted online it’s not that hard to find a male escort based in Shanghai if you’re more comfortable to be with someone who isn’t a local.

Contrary to modern presumptions, male escorts aren’t all that bad. Escorts are often bundled together with prostitution, but they don’t just sell sex with their clients, they sell the time that they have with them. Besides being a pretty face, they’re experts at being charismatic and being fun to be with.

  • Finding ‘the one’ at a Marriage Market’

If you’re really in it for the long run, then there’s no beating the bush around it.  The Marriage Market in People’s Square is one of the most sought-after events for spouse hunting. Arranged marriages have traditionally been a part of China’s history and are brought over to modern times and are still relatively active to this day. ! Marriage Markets are visited usually not by the person themselves, but by their parents. These aggressively supportive parents put Tinder and other dating apps to shame as they do the heavy lifting for their children by ‘promoting’ them through sheets of paper detailing their contact info together with features such as height, body type, educational background, and even their salary!

Plenty of fish to catch – even as an expat!

It’s true that the first few months will make it difficult for you to adjust to this new environment. Though you might feel scared at first to go out and find your first date in an unfamiliar country, being adventurous and open-minded about different cultures will give you a lot of opportunities to find that special someone. However, you could always hire a male escort in Shanghai – there’s nothing like a professional companion to cure loneliness in an unfamiliar country!

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