How To Make Your Man Miss You

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How To Make Your Man Miss You

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Nothing sounds and feels better than actually hearing the words “I miss you” from the most special person in your life. Something about it makes you feel so giddy knowing that someone is always longing to see you while also making you feel that your presence is somehow irreplaceable.

When you have a relationship that has a solid foundation that has been around for so long, it’s impossible not to miss the other half. Although your absence alone can do that, especially in Manila where work and traffic can take up the time for you to see each other. However, there are still tons of ways to make a guy miss you.  

For one, a simple thing like wearing his favorite perfume in your collection can already leave him crazy. A woman’s scent is stronger than you think because a smell can relieve so many memories in mind. Have you ever had the experience of encountering a particular smell and then suddenly remembering a specific memory in your life? That’s exactly how it will feel for your man, much more if he’s crazy for you. Leave a few sprays of your perfume on his bed, and that will do the work!

Cook your man a delicious meal each chance you have. As everybody says, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and leaving him impressed with your cooking skills will make him miss you more the next moment his tummy starts to growl. Food is a big deal for anyone in the Philippines, even those in Manila alone. There are many staple dishes that would make your man feel like he’s home with the food you’re making him. 

Another thing is that it will make him think that you are wife material. If you have no basic idea of how to cook, there are already tons of videos on the Internet that could teach you how. Who knows, your cooking skills might be the reason to land that ring at the end of the rainbow so work for it, girl.

Don’t spend too much time with him. Again and again, too much of a thing can kill you. Sure, it’s so addicting to spend time with the person you love most and how you wish you could do that every day, but spending too much time together might make him think that you can’t live a single day without him. Remember, men want what they can’t have. If they can’t have you at a specific moment, all the more he’ll want you. 

Another thing, if you also ask too much time from him, he might get suffocated and will likely ask for space from you. Just think of it this way, imagine tasting the food that you love so much. If you ate the same food every day, will it still be your favorite food in the long run? Or will you grow tired of it?

If you want to create the feeling of being missed, don’t always be available for him. Give each other some space and room to actually have a good time with other people or do other productive things separately and not get too dependent on each other. Be the favorite food that he craves for. 

Manila is known to be the capital of the Philippines, where many of the businesses reside, more often than not many women are perceived to be lower than men. However,  a man is born to love challenges, especially if it’s a woman who is putting his ego and pride to test. When your man feels that you are too dependent and reliant on him, he will likely get bored and find some other ways to spice up his life. 

Don’t reach out to him too much when it comes to the simplest things. Show him the “I don’t need no man” attitude and let him know you can also do things on your own like a boss. That will make him miss you when you are not around.

As much as possible, always try to look good. Aside from being born to love challenges, men are also taken to be visual creatures. When they see something they like, they got to have it. The thing is, he already has you, and it’s best to keep it that way.  If you have extra time, go to the salon, have your hair or nails done, and try to dress up nicely from time to time. Be a sight for sore eyes. When he knows that you’re always looking good and a possible prey for other men’s eyes, guaranteed he would still want you by his side.

Hang out and have fun with your friends! Up your night out with friends with a male escort or companion. Male companions are not only there for dating, but they may also be a great addition to your friend group. Especially if you’re new to a place like Manila, with different services that they offer, male escorts can show you around the city and show you and your friends a great time. Nothing will worry your man more than a woman who knows how to have fun without him. The more time that you are away from him, the more he realizes how much he misses your presence, it will leave him wanting more time with you. 

Be sweet and caring. On random days, surprise your man with food or a simple and thoughtful gift that may be of use to him. This way, he’ll love you more for it, and he’ll always remember your random sweet gestures. If he’s sick, be his nurse for a day because that alone can already make him think of how lucky he is to have you in his life. Trust me; your tender loving care will be the only he will need in his worst days.

Other than being sweet and caring to your man, always try to be cheerful when you are with him. Who would miss a woman who makes every moment so dull? Be bubbly and cheerful and throw some jokes if you can. Always try to brighten up the mood, especially on his bad days. He’ll always long for your comfort and warm embrace once he gets used to the feeling of having you turn his frown upside down.

Show him your weird quirks. We all have that one unique personality that we always remember other people for. For him, you are a total package, and when he fell in love with you, even your weird quirks came with it. Whether it sounds like a pig when you laugh or speaking in a different accent when you’re drunk, don’t be too shy to show him your weird quirks because that also shows him how confident and comfortable you are when you’re around him. These unique personalities of yours will stay on his mind, and that’s another reason for him to miss you when he stumbles upon someone who does the same thing. 

This list of gestures may do the trick, but one shouldn’t always feel the need to make an effort or even try to impress their man, much more if he truly loves you. If he misses you as soon as you part ways, then that’s when you know you got a good thing going on.

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