Falling In Love With A Male Escort

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Falling In Love With A Male Escort

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Falling In Love With A Male Escort

Many people often ask me if I’ve ever fallen for a client before, or if the reverse has happened. It is not uncommon for these things to happen. I do know of other people who have fallen for their escorts and vice-versa. Escorts are far from emotionless robots. As for other people in the escort industry and myself, we are indeed in the business of pleasing our clients. Whether it be in spending a whole day with them or having a few sessions in bed, we can’t help but fall for someone or have favoritism amongst our clients. 

Escort-Client Relationships

Though it’s highly discouraged, we do sometimes play favorites with our consistent clients. It is either because they pay well or it is much easier to spend time and hang around with them. 

Here are five obstacles that you must face if you are ready to fall in love with an escort.

Confirming Intentions

Some male escorts are in this business for the money. They are in it for strictly business transaction. You can’t blame them for this mindset because our work involves catering to our client’s wants. It takes a lot of emotional and mental endurance to maintain a ‘charming personality’ with every new client. Beginners and experts in the industry alike also have burnouts over meeting different clients and moving to and from different places. Our lifestyle is where the stereotype of escorts faking a genuine attraction to a client for the money start. 

Surprisingly, the reverse is also true for escorts who think they have fallen for their clients. Some repeat clients bait the potential idea of a relationship with their male escort so that they may have free services from us as sex workers. Before you move forward in pursuing your relationship, you need to differentiate if it’s a genuine and mutual feeling from both ends or if it’s not. A lot of escorts and clients have dealt with a disastrous breakup after realizing that their relationship is not what they thought it was. Defining the relationship will clear up any potential heartaches that a misunderstanding may cause.

Understanding Borders

There are different kinds of escorts ranging from where they do their business to how far they are comfortable with going with a client. Depending on who you ask, they might give you different perspectives on what their job ends and where their personal life begins. Just like in any other profession, escorts have a work and life balance that we need to maintain. Adding a committed relationship into the mix might not be the easiest thing to do. Knowing an escort’s stance on our work and life personalities is an excellent way to figure out how you should approach the relationship.

Negotiating Priorities

As it is with a long-distance relationship, dating an escort could bring a lot of non-negotiables into the table. Some of us are in it full time, which makes it a necessity that we are always on the move. If the two of you are genuinely committed to making things work, then the two of you need to work on your non-negotiables without hindering each other’s potential. 

One of the biggest mistakes that people often put on the table is for the escort to leave the industry to pursue a relationship with them as a partner. Though this is a possible course of action to continue the relationship, as an escort myself, I find this as a problematic solution. A lot of us see this strictly as a business pursuit, and it is similar to telling us to quit a job that we have worked so hard to start from scratch. Choose terms that you both can agree on without limiting yourself and your partner’s freedom in what they want to do personally and professionally.

Separating Work-Life and Personal Life

Every relationship has its ups and downs, its specific quirks and challenges. Moving forward in a commitment with an escort requires a lot of understanding with regards to the kind of work that we do.  Our work revolves around giving our affection to our clients. If you are not sure how to comprehend this daily routine for our job, then you might not be ready to embrace a commitment to people in our profession.

Embracing the Potential Future

Other escorts, both male and female, continue with their job even while being married or having children. Because of this, the way they balance their work and personal lives are much more complicated compared to single escorts.

On the other hand, there are numerous stories of escorts leaving the industry after finding ‘the one’ and finding a different profession as an act of commitment to their partners. Though it might seem improbable, there are hundreds of success stories of escorts finding love. It might not even have to be a client as a partner, necessarily. Though the majority are from clients that stand out, some happy endings are from strangers who they meet while working or while taking a break from the job; this goes to show that falling in love is as universal as it is with any profession.

The Reality of Falling in Love With an Escort

As with any other relationship, dating a male escort is a matter of understanding each other’s grasp on the other person’s personal and work life. Especially in the business that we are in, where we are in the trade of spending time and making our clients feel wanted, one of the biggest disasters that a relationship with an escort can have is a misunderstanding. 

Falling in love with an escort is far from being an impossible fairy tale, but it will take a whole lot more than just your standard-issue commitment and understanding to make things work between the two of you. At the core, escorts are people too who long for the care and attention that they give to their clients. If you think that you have what it takes to accept the challenge to be that person to an escort, then I believe you have already taken a step in the right direction to make things work between the two of you.

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