Dealing with Being Single in Today’s Day and Age

Raoul Rossetti Being Single in Today's Day and Age

Dealing with Being Single in Today’s Day and Age

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At some point in your life, you’ve felt the painful reply of “I can’t go. I don’t have a date.” This could be either through your own experience or your friend’s when going out on a ‘group date’ outing. You might be painfully recovering from a post-breakup situation, or you’re just not the type to mingle around to settle down with someone. Whatever the case might be, society seems to pressure us into having a partner sooner rather than later in today’s day and age.

Times are changing

Back in the day, the older generation had the luxury of dealing with their concerns with regards to relationships pretty early on in their lives. They dated earlier, married earlier, and secured their home and mortgage at a much faster rate than today. It can’t be helped that they pressure the younger generation to do it how they did, but the reality is that, times are awfully different now compared to back then. It isn’t because we can’t find the right people to date, but more so because our other priorities take up so much of our time and energy that we don’t have time to date.

The time and dedication that we have to put in securing our investments today is much longer compared to back then. Economic situations force us to focus on our responsibilities towards ourselves and our families first before we can even think about finding someone we want to settle down with. Though it might sound cliché at this point, it’s definitely not a lie that the previous generation’s mishandling of the economy is pretty much ruining our lives now.

The problems of being recently-single

With the advancement of technology comes the inevitable rise of social media applications. Part of the rising wave of technology is the surprisingly high amount of dating platforms out there. From the pioneer of it all, Tinder came a flurry of similar apps catered for different purposes such as Grindr, Bumble, and many more. Facebook has even taken their shot in the dating scene by upgrading their mobile app with a ‘Dating’ sub section for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of registering to a dating app. Though if you ask me, it might be a smarter move to keep your social media accounts separate to your dating profile accounts. You wouldn’t want to mix up the two unintentionally.

The modern challenge of finding a partner

Though the high influx of dating apps would make it easier to find a date today, you’d suddenly be quick to realize that most of these ‘dating’ apps are for one-offs. Most of the selection isn’t that great either when you know that all there is to it is finding someone you can stand for a couple of hours total.

With how compact and accessible dating is, there’s no wonder that you’d need to wade through all the trash and garbage before you find someone you can ‘swipe right’ to. Now, this isn’t to say that Tinder dates aren’t that effective, but you’d definitely be on your guard if you bring them along to one of your group dates with your co-workers or on a company outing.

If ever you feel that you don’t have the time or the emotional investment to get to know someone and deal with the ‘will we or won’t we’ phase of sort-of-but-not-really going out to date, hope is not gone for you yet.If you’re out of potential options, then there is always a plan Z to save you.

Hiring an escort

Contrary to common prejudice and perspectives, hiring an escort isn’t all about getting down and dirty in the middle of the night. An escort’s contact is strictly bound on the hours and not the activity; this means that anything fits within the hours of your agreement, and so long as you both consent to the activity, of course, means that you can do almost anything that your partner-deprived dreams could be.

Hiring an escort doesn’t just save you the time and gambling it takes to find a suitable partner, you’d also be going out with a professional at their job. No more wishy-washy scheduling problems between you and the guy you might or might not see again, an escort’s contract is as solid as a business contract.

Though the most common use for hiring escorts is in having a partner in a date, you can also bring them along with group activities with your friends or take them as a travel buddy to see the sights. An escort is sort of a bodyguard you can date, which makes it easier for you to go on ‘solo’ travel trips by feeling secure with the partner that you’re with.

Benefits of staying single

Don’t feel bad if you think to stay single will impact you negatively in your life now. It might just be the opposite for you. Most people see the need to find a partner ASAP as a necessity in progressing in their life goals, but your career goals might not exactly fall in line with your relationship status.

A lot of issues come to mind when it comes to dealing with strained relationships and career opportunities. Most of the time, they can be attributed to poor work relationships or even worse, work-based romance breakups. Finding the right time for you to get a partner you want to be with is an essential step in making sure that you’re not too misguided by the wave of people rushing in to find someone they should be with. You should always look out for yourself and remember that just because you’ve decided to focus on your career, doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of the perks of being in a relationship through other means.

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