Dating Hacks: How To Make Him Fall In Love With You

Dating Hacks: How To Make Him Fall In Love With You

Dating Hacks: How To Make Him Fall In Love With You 640 427 rrossetti

Dating Hacks: How To Make Him Fall In Love With You

Dating nowadays has become more of a challenge. There are various factors to consider when it comes to dating. It’s often infuriating to think about many things at once, especially when you’re in a flurry of emotions. But you like this guy, and you want him to fall in love with you. So, what should we do?

Are you the type of person who has little confidence? Or are you someone who feels awkward to go on a date with someone you adore? Do not worry about it! I’m here to help you! Whether you’re dating someone you already know or an absolute stranger from a dating app, one thing matters most when it comes to dating: a lasting first impression.

Dating & First Impressions

First impressions are one of the most common topics in almost every type of relationship to exist between people. Whether it’s with your friends or colleagues, there will always be a moment where a person generalized you based on their experience with the way you. The same goes for dating!

 Here are five easy steps to making a lasting impression that would make him fall in love with you.

Before the Date: Build up confidence!

Confidence often fades away when you feel or overthink about your upcoming date. After all, it has to be memorable!  You have to find a way to show your date that you are the best there is out there. However, without confidence, there’s a slim chance of you being able to make him say yes to another date.  To build up confidence, you’ll first have to identify the obstacles.

These are often physical insecurities. Being a male escort, I was able to build up confidence for a date when I focused on hygiene and grooming several days before the occasion. It pays to prepare for how you would like to present yourself. When in doubt, ask for a second opinion from your close friends or a member of your family.

What about pre-date anxiety? It’s natural! Every person willing to take a risk has a twinge of fear within them, and it varies per person on how they express and flush it. Some would talk about it to their closest confidants, and others would focus on work. It’s a matter of learning how to distract yourself with your passion, and it often works for most people, including me.

Before the Date: Give Him a Thought.

By giving him a thought, I don’t mean that you should allot your time solely thinking about him or daydreaming about future dates with him. Why daydream when you could learn more about him? Social media has always been one of the most helpful tools of communication and presentation of one’s character. Nowadays, most guys would voluntarily share their information in their profiles, and it’s often filled with their interests! 

But what if they’re not active in social media? Chatting them up before the date is also very helpful. It’s a sneak peek of who they are, and an excellent foundation for establishing a successful date.

If you’re feeling lost on what you should know about your date, I’m here to give you some examples that many overlook when it comes to dating: 

  • Allergies (You don’t want to offer him a snack that would hurt him, would you?)
  • Hobbies (It’s their passion, and they’re often happy to share with you about it!)
  • Opinion on specific topics (The safest topics for guys  usually involve their hobbies.)
  • The food they like (The most excellent way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and it’s true!)

During the Date: Taking Him by Surprise.

With the emergence of technology that allowed us to communicate, it is often seen and practiced by many to date through social media. However, it is more fulfilling to personally go out with your date and learn more about them up close instead of imagining or merely knowing what they’re up to online. Surprise your date with a proper makeover that fits your destination, and I could guarantee you that he would most likely appreciate the effort that you went through. Just be sure that you do your best not to spend too much on grooming yourself. After all, your aim to go on another date with him!

Another surprise that he’ll most likely appreciate is offering to split the bill on expenses, be it in the theaters, the restaurant, the arcade, or anywhere else. It’s time we break the social construct of guys being the only obe for dates. Although this may sound dramatic, it’ll show him how much you’re willing to share his burdens. If he kindly refuses and insists, try and offer him an alternative. Playfully hinting to offer to pay the bill on the next date is an excellent way to condition a healthy relationship between you two.

During the Date: Be Open to Them and Their Ideas 

Dating requires both partners to be able to communicate with one another on various topics. Whenever I go out with my partner, we often find ways to talk about our interests. Treating them like how you would speak to your best friend is one of the safest and best ways to learn more about them.  It will often flow naturally between you two.

Once he shares what he would like to do in the future with you, you might as well call it a win. However, if there are activities beyond your comfort, be firm on sharing your concerns. Trust me; it wouldn’t hurt to share things that you couldn’t join or participate in.

Consider trying to avoid sensitive topics that you think would make the both of you uncomfortable. It is best to discuss these issues when your relationship has flourished.

After the Date: Gratitude.

Thanking your date and complimenting them for the time they allotted is one of the best ways to end a date. It will be something that your partner would remember. 

Remember that showing gratitude varies based on how open the two of you are too specific activities. If neither of you is uncertain about doing something, make sure to kindly inform one another and avoid forcing yourself to do something that you would regret. If you’re feeling daring right after the date, then you could follow the butterflies in your stomach and offer your date a tight embrace or a quick kiss.

What next?

Once you’ve established a lasting impression on him, he would undoubtedly be able to notice it as he recounts his experience throughout the day. Remember, investing in small acts of kindness, gratitude, and effort on your date will go a long way in a relationship. All these actions and dedication to showing your date a good time will result in a caring and lasting relationship. This relationship isn’t merely “give and take,” but one of empathy and valuable partnership. Get him!

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