Date Ideas with Your Male Escort in Bangkok

Raoul Rossetti Male Escort in Bangkok

Date Ideas with Your Male Escort in Bangkok

Date Ideas with Your Male Escort in Bangkok 739 415 rrossetti

Finding adventure in an exotic country can be that getaway that you desperately need. And what better way to try something out than with a personal partner to go with you? Contrary to mainstream appeal, male escorts in Bangkok are a popular service both to locals and foreigners alike. It’s an industry that doesn’t just focus on midnight activities but thrives more on the quality of companionship that they have to offer on the hours that you hire them. The industry has gotten so large that even international escorts become so familiar with traveling. They’ve become more knowledgable than the locals in terms of the best date spots depending on the country they specialize in.

Bringing your escort with you brings a sense of security and safety during your holiday trip. Still, if you want to make the most out of the time that you have, you might want to check off a few items on this list before you head off and catch a plane to Bangkok. Here are some date ideas that you can consider during your weeklong stay.

Travel Checklist:

1. Take a stroll around the city

Before you start going beyond the city limits, I encourage you first to get used to the climate and understand the ins and outs of the city. Taking a breather after your arrival will give you time to prep for your trip onwards. You’ll also gain a few things about knowing where the closest bus or train stops are or for commuting purposes. Along the way, you can drop by the iconic Bangkok Farmer’s Market that sells a load of goods from local produce to homemade products ranging from pastries to yogurts.

Once you’re done taking in some grub to fill your stomach, you can pass by Lumpini Park to shave off the calories while taking in some music to your ears as well. During the summer, the park often hosts free concerts performed by instrumental bands in their gazebo open for the public to watch and enjoy. For the hopeless romantic in you, Lumpini park also offers Swan Boats where you can idly pedal across the lake with your partner in hand.

If walking around a park isn’t to your liking, then why not see an overview of the cityscape by riding a tourist ferry on the Bangkok river. You can even super-size your travel by getting a  ticket to board the luxurious Suppaniga Dinner Cruise. It is the perfect way to cap your night off with an excellent dining meal over the waters.

2. Take a trip to the spa

Relaxing midway through a vacation trip is a necessary activity. It makes sure that you don’t burn out from running to one place to the next with all the pictures you’ve taken to all the souvenirs that you end up buying. Using up all your energy to ‘make the most’ out of your trip will do more harm than good and tress you out more during the trip and after you get back home.

A vacation’s primary purpose is for adventure and pleasure. If you’ve had too much adventuring, then you know the strain it puts on your body with just going around. Take your partner with you in a 2 in 1 spa where you can have a full-body massage to ease your stress away and have the chance to sit down and chat or doze off before you continue to your next travel checklist. 

3. Art house cinemas

If you’re looking for an alternative way to date in Bangkok, then why not try their art film selections. Watching blockbuster movies has been a part of our routine lives to make sure that we’re u-to-date with the best cash cow that Hollywood has to offer. But Bangkok is not just a place for seeing the sights in terms of the city and its rich history; it’s also a sprawling ground for art films. If you’re not too open to just watching a movie in the cinema, you can always visit art house cafes. Here, you can view and enjoy Bangkok’s rich history of art films on the screen while having a small meal with you.

4. Take a stroll down history

Though going to malls and having a taste of the city life might be on your first agenda, you shouldn’t forget to visit Bangkok’s rich history. Passing by the Old Town where you’ll see preserved shrines such as the Kuan An Keng Shrine which sits along the riverbank. Have your fill in taking in the rich cultural architecture and murals displayed on its walls that have stood the test of time even in this technological era. 

5. Trying themed cafes and hotels

The best way to figure out if you’ll click with someone is if you can have fun in trying out weird things in public while having fun along the way. Themed cafes can bring a quirky addition to your trip with just the right amount of bringing the weirdness in you to try out in a café setup. 

After spending a few days of seeing the sights in the morning, maybe it’s time to spice up your night by barhopping in Thonglor to going to the streets to Ekamai to go nightclubbing. Still, after the night has come to a close, you’ll want to spend the night to rest – or pick up where you left off.

Themed hotels are sprawled all around Bangkok, and they are as creative as they are discreet. Depending on what your flavor for the night is, you can spend the night with your male escort. You and your escort may try something elegant and flashy such as a hotel with a vintage car motif, or something more quirky like a safari or prison motif.

It’s always a fun activity to try things out, especially in an unfamiliar place. Add fun and reliable escort with you on those trips, and it’s sure to make for a unique experience that you’ll surely want to try again.

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