Best Gifts for Guys

Best Gifts for Guys Raoul Rossetti

Best Gifts for Guys

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Aside from the sweet moments, cute text messages and love letters between you and your man, gifts and surprises are always the best way to spice things up in your relationship. Think of it as wonderful tidbits that men can keep in their room to always remind them of your love. You don’t necessarily need to wait for his birthday, your anniversary or Valentine’s Day for you to give him what he deserves. In fact, it ends up much sweeter if you give it on a regular day rather than on an occasion to let him know that you are thinking of him. Your effort shouldn’t only be occasional, and saying “I love and care for you” these days won’t always be through words alone.


For daytime and nighttime, your man might already have a signature scent for that. Sure, you can just give him another new bottle of his favorite perfume but it’s never wrong to give him another option to add to his collection, just make sure that it also fits his personality. Perfume brands release a number of new scents each year and some are even better than before. You could look up your man’s old perfume brand and see if they offer anything new and better or you could just try out another brand.


Help your man bring their A-game when it comes to styling himself. Remember what if felt like when you had the perfect shoe for every occasion? Imagine how great your man would feel if he also had one that is given by you. Moreover, if you don’t know it yet, shoes are an important factor in men’s status so you are actually helping him achieve a good reputation in everyone’s eyes. Look at the details of the shoe, from the design to how it’s sewn and how comfortable it is when it’s worn. Another thing, if your man is an athlete, getting him a nice pair of training shoes would also suffice because again, men love it when women show their support in their passion.


A nice wallet could last for years and it’s also an accessory that a man carries around with him everyday so it’s really quite useful. There are several designs you could choose from but it might just be the safest way to go with black as it’s the most versatile, classic and manly neutral color there is but whatever you choose, make sure to leave your picture inside because as what everyone says, the most special person in a man’s life is found inside his wallet!


Think of it as men’s jewelry. If us women have necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings as our accessories, men like to keep it simple and classy with a watch. For other men, it’s even considered as a status symbol these days so it’s quite an advantage that you are contributing in that area of his life. To add to that note, giving your man a watch just might be your subtle way of telling him not too be late on your dates!

Gaming Items

There’s no denying that men will always enjoy a good old game during his free time, no matter how old he is. If your boyfriend’s a gamer, this might just make them fall in love with you even more! There’s nothing more that can light up a man’s world than a woman who understands his needs and wants, even if it’s a want that requires him to ignore you for a few hours or so, just so he won’t lose the game! Few examples are character equipment, a suit package or if you’re big on budget, get him the latest video game! Support what he enjoys just like how he supports your shopping adventures by carrying your bags and waiting for you to finish. Remember, balance is key in a relationship.

Protein Powder/Muscle Mass

These days, most men are already fond of bulking up at the gym and just like women, men also care for their physique and they have tendencies to be vain even if they don’t show it that much. There might have been a few times that you have caught your man looking at the mirror and checking their tummies or their biceps. Help them boost their confidence by giving them what they need to grow those muscles! To help you, few examples are Whey Protein, Casein Protein, Egg Protein, Pea Protein and more. Do your research or talk to experts on what might work best for your man.

Personalized Intimates

Your man will never be too old for your personalized gifts. It’s a very thoughtful way to always remind them of you wherever they go, and why do I suggest intimates? Simple – it’s something they put on everyday! At least symbolically you’re with them even though you’re not physically at their side; the only thing is that it’s hidden. Try embroidered underwear or boxers with your name on it or probably your favorite movie quote, song lyric, bible verse, or if both of you have an inside joke or love language that only you two can understand, then that’s better!

Plane Tickets

If you are big on budget and feeling a bit lavish, nothing beats surprising your boyfriend with a romantic getaway to his favorite destination. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy going on an adventure with the most special person in your life? Romantic memories are also things that fuel the relationship!

There may be more ideas that could work best as a gift for your man, after all, it’s you who knows him best. Searching for the best gift might be one of the most daunting tasks but whether it’s a simple or an expensive gift, just remember that it’s always the thought that counts. If they truly love you, they will appreciate whatever you will give them and you will always have those hugs and kisses at the end of the rainbow.

Amidst all these wonderful gift ideas, the best gift you can ever give him is your love and comfort, knowing that each waking moment of his life, he’s assured that you will always be right there by his side. These materialistic things are just an added bonus!

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