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Imagine getting invited for a wedding of an old friend, where you show up with a dazzling gentleman and become the envy of all other guests. I can do that for you. I am Raoul Rossetti, a boyfriend for rent. I am passionate and I take pride on what I do. I was born and raised in Europe so I can speak fluent Italian and English, but now currently based in Asia.

I got in this line of work when one of my friends asked me to be her pretend-boyfriend for a family gathering and I guess it naturally came out for me to be a warm gentleman – that gig was the beginning of everything. In the first few months while in this career, I felt that I needed some excitement in my life so I upgraded my services to almost anything you can imagine.

Words cannot justify to describe my appearance. When you look from my hand up to meet my eyes, you’ll see eyes that light up and a smile that touches your heart. It will make your cheeks go red. I’ll let you do the imagination.

Being born and raised in Europe gave me the standard of what it takes to be a gentleman. It’s not just about the little things from holding the door open for you, offering my coat when you are cold and do things like being well-dressed and well-groomed – it’s about respect and empathy. People say that I have this charm that gives me the ability to connect well with others. It can’t be learned or faked – it’s innate.


I like exploring exotic and remote destinations to experience new cultures. I can guide you to see and enjoy the beauty of the world and let you experience exciting adventures, anywhere. Aside from swimming the blue waters and climbing the high mountains, I also like exploring what the city has to offer, and meeting new people.

In most days even when I travel, I wake up at 5:00 AM to hit the gym and try new workout routines so I won’t get bored of the same-old exercises. I also have a nutritionist that curates my daily diet that I then personally cook. It gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing my body is healthy. Perhaps I can be your fitness buddy?

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